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Free Printable Owl Mobile!


Free Printable Owl Mobile!

This owl mobile is soo cute, I want to make one for my daughter!


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How to

You will need:

♥ A printer to print out the pdf’s below.

♥ Colored paper

♥ Scissors

♥ Thread

♥ 1/8″ craft punch (optional)

Free Printable Owl Mobile!

1) Begin by printing your owls onto some coloured paper. In the picture above you can see that I printed the red owl onto pink paper, the orange owl onto light orange paper, the green owl onto yellow paper, the blue own onto green paper and the purple owl onto blue paper (hope that makes sense).

2) Cut out the owls. There are two on each pdf so that you have a back and a front.

3) Glue the two sides together with a glue stick.

4) Put your owls in between some heavy books for a couple of hours just to make sure they dried flat and smooth.

5) Punch out all the dots around the owls eyes using a 1/8″ circular craft punch – this is entirely optional.

6) String together in any way you fancy!

Blue owl pdf

Green owl pdf

Orange owl pdf

Pink owl pdf

Purple owl pdf

Red owl pdf


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