Super Cute Milky Cut-out!

Fridge O   Milky Cartons by kickass peanut 300x231

These are from Kickasspeanut on Deviantart. I need to make them NOW!!!

Strawberry Milky PaperCraft by kickass peanut
Banana Milky PaperCraft by kickass peanut

Milk Milky PaperCraft Sheet by kickass peanut

Choco Milky PaperCraft by kickass peanut

(ooops, thanks for pointing that out zemari!)


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  • Marina

    I just made strawberry and I’m going to make the blue one next! It’s so cute and fun to make!

  • Mirna

    The choc milk isn’t there.

  • Ashleigh :D

    Soooooo cute, have already made Chocolate Milky. Will upload a picture when I either find a Camera or turn my laptop back on.

    Will definably make heaps of the other stuff on this site.

    Ash xoxo

  • Brigette

    sooo cute

  • Amber

    Need to make them all. No time to eat or sleep, must make the MILKY!!! x

  • measianchick25

    way 2 kawaii! omg!!
    im gonna eat chur babies!rwar!

  • zemari

    whre’s the chocolate milky?

    • PaperKawaii

      Thanks for pointing that out zemari, I’ve added that one… but I’m sure you found it anyway!
      ^_^ Thanks for visiting!