Video Tutorial: Modular origami passion flower ball!!


This might not be that kawaii, but I think if you made it with pink or pastel colours it could be really cute, and a great Xmas decoration, So I’ll defo be trying this!!!


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  • Rochelle Dai

    Can you post a diagram? im not so fond with videos. ^_^

  • Sarah Victor

    I loved this!! Going to try it out someday soon. Now I’m doing this she’s got mad skills

  • Paul

    Hey that’s pretty cool – I’m going to make some big versions as decor for this club night I do. If they look good I’ll be sure to send you pictures!

    • PaperKawaii

      I’m going to make some (or maybe 1) for family! ^__^

  • dOLAR hOY

    Hey, great idea for Xmas decoration. Will try it. Much appreciated!