2 Different Origami Snowflakes! Diagrams + Video

These snowflakes are by Dennis Walker.

Ok so thats my attempt, I went nuts trying to make a hexagon, I eventually had to watch the tutorial on the video that I posted below (a link at the beginning).

I can’t believe how stupid that diagram below is, if anyone can tell me it has it right, let me know.

It looks okay, I will try it with tracing paper later, maybe silver origami paper, its just making the hexagon makes the paper pretty small!.

They are the best origami snowflakes I have found so far.

Download Dennis Walker’s Snowflake PDF 1

Download Dennis Walker’s Snowflake PDF 2

And you need to make a hexagon. Heres a diagram for that.

Download Hexagon PDF

or print this and cut out instead:


Here is a video for that:

This other one is from Origami Weekly,

they have some really cool stuff!

left: Crease Pattern, right: Diagram

Download Origami Weekly’s Crease Pattern (hard) PDF

Download Origami Weekly’s Diagram (easier) PDF

I will update when I’ve made one!!!

Heres new ones>


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