Cherry Blossom Kusudama Diagram + Video

cherry blossom

Cherry Blossom Kusudama!

This is the next one I will be making, my morning dew one has gone to its new home, so I need more!

I haven’t seen this diagram anywhere else, its from a Origami Tanteidan Magazine,  number 72. It is by Tomoko Fuse.

Screenshot 2010 12 14 at 12.41.38 PM 300x289

Ok, I’ll upload it here^^

[box type=”download”]Download Origami Tanteidan Magazine number 72 PDF[/box]

There is also a video on YouTube…

But I always want the diagram, so I can do it without staring at the computer… and its more original that way, you learn more for yourself…


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  • Amber

    I’ve already given out 2 kusudama’s as gifts, so I to need to make a whole bunch more. I just wish they weren’t so fiddly though :/ x

  • A~Lotus

    Thank you for posting this kusudama! :) It really is a lot of paper-wrestling! I’m doing this as a tribute to Japan.

    • PaperKawaii

      Yes it’s lively, it’s hard to put together but it’s worth it.
      Thanks xx