Rare Origami Cherry Blossom Diagram Download

3 variations

This Origami Cherry Blossom Diagram is from an old Tanteidan magazine.

I love the cherry blossom one the most, it is so much nicer than the other cherry blossom origami I have found.  The others look pretty too.


Here is an image from Paper Unlimited, which is folded from this diagram.


Click the images above for full size.

Please let me know if you make one, tell me how it went and I’d love some more images of these!


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  • Can anyone help as the link to the image are not opening? i really want to do it

    • Hi there!
      Please click the images, a lightbox should come up. If not, right click on each image and a menu should come up, click ‘Save linked image’ or similar.

      Let me know how you go

      • Thank you for answering my question. when i click on the image i get a message saying : the requested image cannot be loaded. please try later. i did try later but i still get the same message. i even try to save the image but i get only part of the image.

  • RebekkaColganSmith says:

    i get stumped at step 12. I can not figure out how to make the tab any suggestion?

    • paperkawaii1 says:

       @RebekkaColganSmith This is actually next on my list of video tutorials, please subscribe to my channel to be updated if you like  http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=paperkawaii

    • Origamigirl says:

      On step 12 fold the left corner to the line, crease, then back down. Step 13: Valley fold the left corner fold. (the top layer has to be mountain folded, then tucked in the valley fold) I hope this helped!

  • Origamigirl says:

    Hello This is really cute…however I only got as far as step 12 for the first two flowers.  Can you make a video of how to finish and put these beautiful flowers together? Thank you!

  • Louise says:

    I love your website! I’ve been doing origami on and off since I was little, and I love this cherry blossom pattern… definitely going to give it a go this afternoon!

  • Julia says:

    Hello! Recently I’ve joined the origami club at my school and I’ve been obsessed with origami since then. I’ve been trying to make the origami cherry blossom just by working my way through the diagrams (since I don’t have any Japanese friends to translate the page T.T), but it is a bit too blurry and small for me to see clearly. Is there any way you can make the picture bigger and clearer? Thanks for the diagram though.


    • Thanks for commenting, I have sent you an email..
      It is very possible to follow these without knowing japanese, just make the folds precise. and it might take a few goes, but it will work in the end. Maybe try with large paper before using small 3×3 squares..
      good luck xx
      I will update the links too.