Free Hello Kitty Box Template!

Ok, so I downloaded this years ago, but I lost it, can you believe that I spent a whole HOUR looking for it online, its nowhere…!

This image by folding trees .com

Click this image above to download gif… its small but the box is Cute!!!

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5 thoughts on “Free Hello Kitty Box Template!”

  1. I could not find the Hello kitty box template to download, it’s not people freindly, for me anyway. My Granddaughter would have loved the Hello kitty box. Oh well, maybe I could find it somewhere else.

    1. Hi Jeannette, I’m sorry you couldn’t download the file, please click on the image here:

      When the image enlarges, right click it, then a menu will come up, and you can choose to save the image.

      The image is small, when you print it, you can make the small box, the template is not available anywhere else.


  2. Tom @ hello kitty costumes says:

    So cute!!.. my daughter will surely love it. nice post.

  3. Michelle says:

    It is very fun! So, how did you find it??

    1. Urm, I get obsessive about something I can’t find… I can’t stop till I found it. Lol

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