New Cherry Blossom Kusudama

cherry blossom kasudama

This is my second Cherry Blossom Kusudama, the ‘petals’ where real easy, but putting it together took me ages, its probably because I was trying to follow japanese instructions, and missed out on any text writen!!!

I havent added a tassel yet, need to get some thread.

I might make another using thicker, red or dark pink colourd paper, but the size is good, just right. I used 150mm square paper and the model is the size of… I don’t know, I can’t put my hands around it, its pretty big.

I’m actually really proud of this one. Once you make 3 or 4 petals, you can just do it without the book.

You can find the diagram for this here>>

Cherry Blossom Kasudama Diagram

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