Cute Papercraft Fish ^_^


Cute Papercraft Fish ^ ^ Cute Papercraft Fish ^ ^

So these 2 Papercraft Fish are cute in their own way!!!

#1 is from

#2 is from

Here are the instructions for #1

Cute Papercraft Fish ^ ^

(click to enlarge)

Cute Papercraft Fish ^ ^

1 is the scanned postcard, the next one is one I have attempted to made better/bigger.

Ok, next

Cute Papercraft Fish ^ ^


(haha, translated of course)

What you need:
Scissors, cutter, bond (glue?) (can be made using the bond good for hobby craft.), and a ruler. Starch for the details (no idea) , it is useful to use some toothpicks.
Cardboard ※ (drawing paper and drawing paper) or print, please attach those printedon card stock.

So that the shape of a fish stick, as shown along a line.
Fold as shown, and put the margin on both sides of the triangle.
Is bonded as shown, attaching to the surface of the round margin.
As shown in the bottom of the stick, and a completion! (use the image above ^_^)

blank fishie template

coloured fishie template

Anyway, I think if you took these templates, and edited them in Photoshop, it could be really cute.

I would love if you could let me know if you use these, I will post any pictures you send as reader creations (and link to you).

Enjoy X

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