Origami Kawasaki Roses

Origami Kawasaki Roses


The one above is just a big one with a smaller one squashed into its centre.


Okay, heres my first attempts at Origami Kawasaki Roses, I saw some on bloomize.com and got inspired.

Previously I have not tried them, the diagram looks really scary… it looks soooo complicated, but I just thought oh well just try..!

I tried a few different videos on youtube.. this I think is the best:

So I realise that anyone can make them, you just have to fold a lot of tiny squares first.

I made 5 so far, I want to commit it to memory, because I don’t want to watch anymore videos ever again!

Bloomize offered some helpful tips!

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  • TsuchiSeiuchi says:

    The Youtube video is exactly the same rose as the one on the diagram, since it does not have the angles; I did not try the diagram angled version but I believe they will turn out a bit differently…
    Should they not e considered as different origamis then?

    • yes I think they should be considered different origamis, but Toshikazu Kawasaki is the creator of the rose, and leaving out the extra folds isn’t changing it enough to change the name I think.. If you do the extra angles, you will get a more round shape, looks like more petals

  • IvonneHernandez says:

    ive never been able to do these nervous!! ill make them and post a pic first i gotta talk myself into getting up for a piece of paper 

  • Michelle says:

    omg I remember trying to learn this thru a youtube video(2 yrs ago)…I finally learned how to fold this in a day. I don’t want to fold another rose x.x I folded way too many in my life LOL

  • Megan Curtis says:


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