Easter Origami Bunny + Chicks in Egg

These are some easter origami models I just tried.

The chicks in an egg is by Taiko Niwa, and the Rabbit is by Mari Ono

I used 6×6 double sided paper for the chicks and 6×6 solid colour paper for the bunny.

Eyes could look nice, and the bunny ears can fold down, these models I would say are simple and easy to make, the diagrams are a little hard to read but it doesn’t take long to figure out, let me know if would like a tutorial or if anyone knows where there is a diagram or video please leave a comment


Click images for full view


The bunny starts from the traditional bird base click here to learn that.



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  • HeraldKiara says:

    The chicks in egg are especially cute! Love that they can be made with different “expressions,” too. I’m looking forward to Easter, now — there are going to be origami chicks and rabbits on my mantle. Thanks so much for posting! (I can’t figure out how to save/download the diagrams in larger sizes, only the thumbnails shown. What am I missing?? Help?)