Origami Dolls

Hina Dolls, or Hinamatsuri are traditional dolls made for displays on Girls Day in Japan, which is held on March 3rd.

Tutorials on Muñecas japonesas de papel


Some really amazing tutorials, they are so good, I will be making these!


Please check out my previous post:
origami doll clothes1 263x108
Origami Dolls Clothes

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  • claralf

    I really LOVE your site! Thanks for the tips and the books, they are all lovely!!

  • linaconde

    Thank you for posting my blog. I’ll try to put more instructions in English also /Lina Maria

  • RosaSittigBell

    I love the books, but i cannot see them. the links expired!

    • paperkawaii1

       @RosaSittigBell sorry, please click the mediafire link under the images, I have not had time to update them, :)

      • RosaSittigBell

         @paperkawaii1 Thank you so much!

  • http://charliepop.over-blog.com/ charlie pOp

    thanks a lot for all these links i’m discovering with your blog !
    i’ve looking for how to make these dolls and didn’t find all those fabulous links !

  • Amber

    I’m so glad you posted these! I’ve been looking for some cute Hina dolls ever since March, I can’t wait to make them OwO x