Ice Cream Paper Crafts


Ok, its getting hot here in Oz, so I thought I’d do a post on all the cool ice cream paper crafts I could find!

The first one is my favourite, from kickass-peanut on deviantart. Not sure why it appeals to me so much, its pretty simple, but super cute!

This next one is from pretty cool.

Download the PDF here!

I found a couple of really cool origami ice creams too, they are a bit complicated, but I will try them soon.

Model by Shoichi Ishiwata, it was in Noa magazine, a while back.

Download Origami Ice Cream

These are so cute, and easier than the ones above. 2 different types, one round, the other is whipped!

No idea who this is by, its all in Japanese!

Download Origami Ice Creams

A simple lolly from Origami Club

The diagram is here.

Another simple and cute diagram from Origami Club

There’s a diagram and an animation here.

Not an ice cream, but still super cute!

By joostlangeveldorigami

Kawaii Inspiration!!!

pink ice cream waffle miniature deco kawaii 5 pcs 3

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