Origami Vegetables


carrot line2


origami turnip  origami turnip diagram

carrot line2


origami tomatoes  origami tomato diagram 193x300

carrot line2


origami radish origami radish diagram 300x275



carrot line2

Origami Peas!

origami peas  origami peas diagram 1 199x300

origami peas diagram 2 300x140

carrot line2

Origami EggPlant

origami eggplant  origami eggplant diagram 286x300


You will need the peas diagram form the top part of the egg plant!!!

   carrot line2

Origami Mushrooms

 origami mushroomsorigami mushrooms diagram 198x300

carrot line2

Origami Cucumber

origami cucumber diagram 199x300origami cucumber


carrot line2

Origami Carrot

origami carrots origami carrot diagram 209x300

carrot line2

I am exhausted after posting all of those origami vegetables… hope someone makes some 😉


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  • Rebecca

    Your origami is adorable. :)

  • Kit

    Hi, I was looking at the eggplant but there is no instruction for the top (stem) part of it? Would you have the instruction somewhere else?

    • Kit

      i found the instruction from the pea piece. thanks.

  • http://yahoo.com Mario

    I Wish I Could Run Fast Like A Rabbit:(

  • http://yahoo.com Mario

    I’m So hyper !!!:0

  • http://yahoo.com Mario

    I Love yellow Carrots :)

  • http://yahoo.com Mario

    I Love tamatos

  • KawaiiBear3

    so cute i made a carrot 😀

    • KawaiiBear3

      i used yellow paper :3

  • moontayyuefeng

    May I know the author of the book? Thanks!

    • paperkawaii1

       @moontayyuefeng Sorry for late reply, it is by Makoto Yamaguchi :)

  • HeraldKiara

    These are so very cute! Hee — you need a paper fruit and vegetable market to display them. I imagine origami Pokemon and Hello Kitty figures doing their shopping. 😉 (I did have trouble with following designs for how small the thumbnail pics are — sad panda! — but then I surprisingly found download for the WHOLE BOOK these are in!!!! If it wasn’t for your site, I never would have known to go looking for such things. Thank you!)

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii – Chrissy


      You can also click the thumbnail, for a full size image.


  • Keely

    I made them! So adorable, thank for sharing!