Modular Origami Christmas Tree (Alternative)

Modular Origami Christmas Tree (Alternative) | #origami #paperkawaii #diy #paperfolding #cute #kawaii

Modular Origami Christmas Tree (Alternative) | #origami #paperkawaii #diy #paperfolding #cute #kawaii

Yes I’m obsessed..!

Another tree! Once I learn one model, I need to know all the other ways of making it!  This modular origami Christmas tree is popular, being easier to make, bit more slick and large ones are being sold on etsy for like $70!

Anyway, mine is pretty small, I totally trashed a music book I had! You need to use double sided paper (paper with colour or pattern on both sides) because you would see the white from underneath.

I just cut a square and each time cut it a bit smaller, you could go on forever..

I made a lucky star and stuck it with double sided sticky tape. View my post on how to make the star.

I followed this video for the tree:

– – –

On another note, I made a bigger version of the other origami modular christmas tree in my previous post.

And added a small star from my Modular origami star post last week… yeh, that was me linking to myself 😉

Modular Origami Christmas Tree (Alternative) | #origami #paperkawaii #diy #paperfolding #cute #kawaii

Modular Origami Christmas Tree (Alternative) | #origami #paperkawaii #diy #paperfolding #cute #kawaii

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Modular Origami Christmas Tree (Alternative) | #origami #paperkawaii #diy #paperfolding #cute #kawaii

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  • mackenzie

    but its a nice tree

  • mackenzie

    this dosent help sorry

  • Amber

    This tree is so kawaii, I made about 5 of them ! I really love the cute music sheet paper, any idea where I could get some?♡

  • Lucinda

    Love love love this tree!!! I haven’t tried making the previous one you posted yet (though, I’m sure I will, I love it too!). So far I’ve made a 3-tiered tree in purple and white, and a 5-tiered tree in traditional green and brown, and I’m sure I won’t be stopping there. Love it, thanks! :)

    • PaperKawaii – Chrissy

      So glad you like it, I have some stripy paper picked out for my next one 😀


  • Janet

    Thats the best tree I’ve seen!! I love ur website!

    • PaperKawaii – Chrissy

      Thanks :)

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