Origami Pikachu Video Tutorial (Advanced)

This origami pikachu model is pretty advanced, so if you don’t really get what a squash fold is, try a simpler model.

I have made this video as more of a request, it ended up taking a reeally long time to make.. so I hope someone benifits from it

This isn’t my usual type of video, I will be making more simple models really soon..

If you have trouble I will try my best to assist in the comments. I realise the videography is not great, I did my best with the lights and camera I have..

I think the model is originally made by Kozasa Keiichi, and was featured in some BOS magazine years ago.

Sorry there is no audio, I have a cold so most of it was just me coughing!!

Here is the diagram:

Let me know how you get on, anyone got any requests?

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  • Gingergami says:

    I know this video is crazy old, but at 37 minutes in, when you say that you don’t understand 78-83 it’s because you did an open sink instead of a closed sink. It would have saved you the following 10 minutes of video

  • Nik says:

    Advanced origami Pikachu is awesome. Especially amazed by the way the folds create Pikachu’s stripes and ear tips. Thank you for the post and the video.

    One question! You know, that paper you used is just perfect for Pikachu, and it looks to be just right in terms of strong enough but thin enough. Where did you get that paper and what kind is it? I’ve searched around, but all the papers I find are white on one side and look flimsier.

    Thank you!

  • Rodrigo says:

    la verdad, a mí también me causo un poco de dificultad pero también me sirvió de mucho el diagrama

  • theoriginalone says:

    I did it! Am I seriously the only one in the world of INTERNETZ good enough? It looks great.

  • phuksiew says:

    ( ผูกเสี่ยวขอขอบคุณข้่อมูลจ่ะ / Thanks 4 Sharing by PhukSiew ) =/=