Origami Fall Leaves

origami autumn leaves

photo by  jikits

Here are some nice origami leaf diagrams and tutorials, so you can put together a beautiful fall origami bunting, display or whatever you like


Single leaf model by Hyo Ahn

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origami maple leaf

Origami Maple Leaf by Susumu Nakajima


click image to enlarge

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Japanese maple Leaf by Taiko Niwa


click image to enlarge

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Really simple leaf tutorial over at Bloomize.

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  • I loved this!! It’s so cute like your blog. I am gonna visit you every week. I loved your blog, thanks.

  • Reb says:

    I’ve been trying to make both the maple leaf and Japanese maple leaf, and I can’t figure out how to make them with just the pictures. Would it be possible to translate the instructions that go with the pictures? I’m guessing that they both start with the bird base. What I guess for the next steps do not work. I’m guessing that I should do the folds on both or all four sides, but I don’t see the symbols that say to repeat for each side. Any ways I would appreciate any help with these diagrams.

    Thank you so much. I really like you origami site. I have been enjoying learning many of the origami that you have posted.

    • Hi Reb, sorry for the late reply.. yes, the Japanese obviously doesn’t help! Unfortunately I cannot translate it, the first 2 diagrams I posted as they are hard to find, and have not been posted elsewhere, if you still would like to make a maple leaf, I believe there are a few (easier) ones if you search ‘origami maple leaf tutorial’ on youtube.