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chrissy pk01 350x233I’m Chrissy, I’m 28 and I live in Australia.

I love to make origami, and paper craft, since I was young.

This website was started in 2008, it’s come along way from the weird clunky site it used to be, I’ve spent a lot of time on this website and the content on it, I hope that people enjoy what I have posted about and hopefully learned something!

I am a freelance web designer by day and manic paper folder by night. I have a few other hobbies and I switch it up when I get bored, yes there are times when I get so sick of folding paper I never want to see it ever again! But it is something that I always come back to. It is relaxing and rewarding. Eco friendly and economically friendly!

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  • http://gravatar.com/flyingflames13 flyingflames13

    Made your book

    10/10 would get confused again.

  • http://PaperKawaii Shanequa

    I love this website I actual lay bursts on the inside when I shaw it pweassssse keep on trudging along cause this website rocks

    • http://PaperKawaii Shanequa

      Sorry I was so excited I didn’t spell some things right

  • http://unicornsanctuary.blogspot.co.nz/ Debbie (Bee)

    Hey Chrissy,
    Hope to see more new videos soon ^ o^

    I’ve liked paper kawaii on Facebook :3
    New post on ♡ Unicorn Sanctuary ♡

  • Julia

    Hey, I saw you weren’t posting anymore.
    I love your work and I really want to make more things of origami.
    Please make another video ? :)
    x Julia

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com Chrissy Pk

      Aw that’s so sweet ☺ I have a lot of ideas for videos and I hope to make more soon, just been busy with work! ☹ Thanks for the encouragement, I have not stopped! 😀

  • cy

    Your really good at making things! could you do a bookshelf for he mini modular origami book?

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii – Chrissy

      Thanks! Yes I have already made one, I just have to film and edit the video for it.. should be up in the next couple of weeks ☺ 😀

  • seoulsoul

    Hi, I found out about Paperkawaii a couple years ago and I just loved those ideas, and I still love them now. I just have a question, where do you get your origami paper? I’m Korean and when my dad visits there, he buys tons of paper for me. I’m assuming that Australia has stores with origami paper? I would be more than happy if you answered my question. Thanks!

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii – Chrissy

      Hi! I wish I could get some Korean paper! You can find ‘ok’ quality paper in Australia in shops like Kmart or privately owned stationary shops, usually I use whatever paper and cut it to square as sometimes square paper is not quite square! For the Japanese paper there is a shop called Daiso which sometimes has origami paper, and in Sydney there are few Japanese $2.50 or $3.50 shops that have very nice cute paper. But I do sometimes order paper from ebay ☺
      Hope that answers your question!!!

  • http://gravatar.com/errido errido

    Hi, I found your videos on youtube annd I loved them. Very cute and novel indeed. I have been wondering, though, where do you get the origami paper? The nice and fancier ones 😛 or simply the ones that are made of solid color and not cheap quality. Thank you so much!

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii – Chrissy


      Thanks, I’m glad you like them ☺

      Yes it can be hard to find good origami paper. I have found good paper at shops like k-mart, the reject shop, asian stores (2.50 yen stores), Daiso, Target, Officeworks…

      Try and find an art supply store, they often have nice paper, otherwise online I have bought from amazon.com and also ebay.com

      I sometimes use gift wrap paper, comic book paper, music score paper, coloured printer paper and wallpaper.

      Hope that helps!

  • CeeJee

    I love your work. Especially the box. It is so distinguished but also practical.
    Can you please add the measures of the result?
    greetings, CeeJee

  • Nathan

    Bring the life back in to this site c:

  • Kimiko

    This is one of the best websites ever! I’m an origami/crafts fanatic, and this website completes me!

  • iLoveArtAndAnythingCreative

    Very nice! I like your site and your tutorials!
    Thank you for posting!
    Greetings from Germany :)

  • cherryblossomjellybelly

    Your website is awesome. SO MANY HELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS!

    Happy New Years from USA 😀

  • http://gravatar.com/hellokittyisfabulous hellokittyisfabulous

    Finally! Someone as obsessed with Hello Kitty and cute Japanese characters and Origami as I am! My friends say I am insane but they are just jealous of my giant Sanrio collection! 😀

  • kathyisashark

    your website is so nice and sweet :3
    i really love cute paper things and i’m from australia too! 😀

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com/ paperkawaiii

      @kathyisashark thanks Kathy, nice to see another Aussie, but I’m actually from England lol 😀  
      Hope you come and visit again, I haven’t updated the website in a while, I’m just getting my inspiration back this week :)

  • Amber

    The website is still nice and kawaii ^.^ I can’t wait to see all the changes, so far I really love the new design and the new social media icons, they’re so amai!♡♡

  • Sheena

    Cute site :)

  • swarna


    Great effort, its a good job out of your creativity. i love to do paper crafts. it looks cute.

  • http://sewsensational.wordpress.com Louise

    I love your website!
    I did a little review of the origami bow on my blog too :)
    Please keep updating, I love to make all the new things.

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii – Chrissy

      Thanks, and thanks for linking back to me, I try to update as much as possible, if you have any requests or suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

      Have a great day xxx

  • http://www.kutekawaii.webs.com domoluver!:)


  • Esther

    I loove all the crafts! Will there be a 2012 popup cute calendar soon?!

  • Evelyn

    I love making paper clothes and have always been looking for books with instructions on making paper clothes. I was so excited when I found your website today. Thank you for sharing the information.

  • http://artesdayone.blogspot.com Yone

    Lovely site, really cute !! :-))
    Congratulations for sharing with us those “kawaii origamis” !
    Hugs, Yone

  • Amber

    Hello again! I’m back, and still making all things kawaii! I had some problems with my laptop so I couldn’t get on your amazing website for a while.

    It’s such a kawaii website, keep it so kawaii! OwO x

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii

      Hi Amber! Thanks for leaving all those lovely comments! It will always be Kawaii!!!! ^_^

  • http://www.abomostafa1414.com محمد مرسى

    اعتقد انه فن جميل و ابداع راق

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii


  • Kelly

    kawaii website~ 😉

    keep on being KAWAII~ 😉

  • http://www.PetrinaCase.com Petrina Case

    Keep up the great work.

    Cannot wait to see more.

    Happy thoughts,

    Paper Engineer and Illustrator
    of Pop-Up Books – Made to order and Cards

  • Kinar

    Uwah! i love all the craft! especialy the relax bear.. its so cute! keep up the kawaii work :3

  • Hanan

    love it.. great job :) keep it up



  • liv

    I love your website!!!!!! Its very nice!!

  • Nelly Navarro

    love the creativity I will try to make a few I hope it comes out good as the pictures

  • bhagyashree

    lovely web site

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii

      Thanks!! :-)

  • Raquel

    Congratulations on your work!! Nice stuff and nice motivation!!

    • http://www.paperkawaii.com PaperKawaii

      Thanks Raquel! :-) xxx