Origami Kusudama Balls are beautiful hanging ornaments.

Cherry Blossom Kusudama Diagram + Video

cherry blossom kasudama ball

Cherry Blossom Kusudama! This is the next one I will be making, my morning dew one has gone to its new home, so I need more! I haven’t seen this diagram anywhere else, its from a Origami Tanteidan Magazine,  number 72. It is by Tomoko Fuse. Ok, I’ll upload it here^^ [box type=”download”]Download Origami Tanteidan Magazine […]

Morning Dew Origami Kusudama


Learn how to make this pretty Morning Dew Origami Kusudama by downloading these diagrams, the folds are pretty simple…

Video Tutorial: Modular origami passion flower ball!!


A super cool flower kusudama video tutorial! Great window decoration.