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Origami Diagrams

Here are my collection of diagrams that I have created, I’ll be adding more as I make them.

They are all made in Adobe Illustrator, they take quite a while to make, depending on how hard the model is!
Some of the more time consuming models I will be charging $1 for (eventually). The more simpler models will remain free to download. ๐Ÿ’—

Origami Layered Bow Diagram


This double origami bow is very easy to make from a long strip of paper. Great to decorate cards, as jewellery or to decorate gifts.

Click here to get the free diagram

Origami Lucky Star Diagram


Learn how to make a Traditional Origami Lucky Star, these little origami stars are made with strips of paper, easy to make!

Click here to get the free diagram

Origami Sakura Diagram


Learn how to make a traditional origami Sakura flower or cherry blossom flower! These are so cute as decorations!

Click here to get the free diagram

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These diagrams are for personal use only.

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