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keep-calm-and-fold-origamiThis website has been created so that I can teach you how to make origami – the Japanese art of paper folding. The word Origami is a Japanese word – 折り, which is the combination of the words Ori 折り – to fold and Kami 紙 – which means paper.

As well as the usual traditional models you usually find on many websites, I try my best to make tutorials for more unique and original designs.  Coming up with new ways to make pretty origamis is something I really enjoy doing in my spare time!

My origami instructions are often video tutorials, because I find that it is the easiest way to learn origami and for me to teach it to you.  You will find lots of tutorials on how to make paper boxes, bows, envelopes, mini books, flowers, butterflies, Japanese characters like Totoro and Hello Kitty, there are simple instructions for beginners and challenging designs for advanced folders too!

If you would like to know more about me, you can check out the about page here. I run a youtube channel, called Paper Kawaii that has all of my video tutorials on it, check that out here and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

I love to hear back from you so please leave me a comment below, if you have any feedback, suggestions,questions or if you would like me to feature or review your origami book you can get more information and send me an email here.

Latest Origami

Origami Nail Polish Bottle Instructions

Learn how to make a cute origami nail varnish bottle! This little origami nail polish looks good on both sides! This origami is great for card embellishments!

3D Origami Puffy Star Tutorial

How to make a pretty 3D Origami Puffy Star, this 4 point origami star is a great hanging decoration especially at festive times like Christmas & New Years.

Origami Paper Crystal Tutorial – Make 3D Gems!

Learn how to make a super cool 3D origami paper crystal! This three dimensional origami gem is a lovely decoration to hang or just on the table. More advanced model, but not too tricky!

Origami Long Gem Gift Box Tutorial

Learn how to make a long origami gem box, this is like a crystal with two points. This a more advanced model, but not too hard. Makes a wonderful gift box!

Origami Bobbins to Organise your Threads & Ribbons

Learn how to make some origami bobbins to store your sewing threads, silk thread, ribbon or wool! These spools are sturdy and hold lots of thread. These will stop your threads from tangling and they make a great gift set!

Origami Star Handle Insert for the Frame Lid

Learn how to make a unique origami star handle that fits into the origami frame lid! This is super easy to make and adds a cute touch to a simple masu box. To make the lid, follow the tutorial under the origami star handle below.  To make the box that features at the...


Here you'll find free origami instructions, diagrams, photo & video tutorials. Learn how to make cute origami boxes, envelopes, flowers, books, bows, hearts, animals, stars, & more! ♥

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