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Origami Instructions   How to make Origami | #origami #paperkawaii #diy #paperfolding #cute #kawaiiThis website has been created so that I can teach you how to make origami – the Japanese art of paper folding. The word Origami is a Japanese word – 折り, which is the combination of the words Ori 折り – to fold and Kami 紙 – which means paper.

As well as the usual traditional models you usually find on many websites, I try my best to make tutorials for more unique and original designs.  Coming up with new ways to make pretty origamis is something I really enjoy doing in my spare time!

My origami instructions are often video tutorials, because I find that it is the easiest way to learn origami and for me to teach it to you.  You will find lots of tutorials one how to make paper boxes, bows, envelopes, mini books, flowers, butterflies, Japanese characters like Totoro and Hello Kitty, there are simple instructions for beginners and challenging designs for advanced folders too!

Below is a list of the categories that my website offers, as well as a list of my posts in date order.

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I love to hear back from you so please leave me a comment below, if you have any feedback, suggestions,questions or if you would like me to feature or review your origami book you can get more information and send me an email here.


Post List

November 2015
  1. Origami Stellated Octahedron / Inflatable Star Instructions
  2. Origami Octahedron Box / Decoration Instructions ♦
  3. Origami Star Bowl Instructions
  4. 3 Easy Origami Boxes – Photo Instructions
October 2015
  1. Expanding Origami Folder Instructions
  2. Origami Pencil Tray with 4 Sections Tutorial
  3. Long Flat Origami Box Instructions
  4. Long Origami Pull Out Drawers Instructions ♥
  5. Origami Gem Box – Long Version
  6. Origami Masu Box Lid Variations
  7. Origami Pull-Out Drawers Instructions
  8. Origami Bipyramid Gem Box Instructions
  9. Spooky Halloween Origami 2015
  10. Death Note Origami Book Video Instructions
  11. 4 Cute Halloween Origami Models!
  12. Cute Halloween Printable Origami Paper
  13. Pumpkin Pattern – Free Printable Origami Paper
  14. Origami Pumpkin Bag Video Instructions
  15. Origami Heart Box Video Instructions
September 2015
  1. Origami Star of the Four Seasons Instructions
  2. Origami Gatefold Box Instructions
  3. 20 Easy Origami Photo Tutorials at About.com
  4. Origami Paper Storage Pocket Instructions
  5. Traditional Origami Square Bowl / Box Instructions
  6. Origami Flip Top Box Instructions
August 2015
  1. Origami Popup Book Video Tutorial
  2. Origami Hinged Box Video Tutorial
  3. Origami Pill Box / Organizer Video Tutorial
  4. Origami Pencil Box Video Tutorial
  5. Origami Box with Bow – Tutorial
July 2015
  1. Traditional Origami Pinwheel Video Tutorial
  2. Traditional Origami Envelope Video Tutorial
June 2015
  1. Origami Strawberry Tutorial & Free Printable
May 2015
  1. Origami Chinese Thread Book Video Tutorial
  2. Free Printable – Origami Crystal Box + Tutorial
  3. Origami Gem Box & Lid Tutorial & Diagram
  4. Origami Masu Box Divider Video Tutorial
April 2015
  1. 10 Free Printable Bunny Rabbit Origami Papers
  2. Origami Bunny Rabbit Tutorial
  3. Origami Carrot Box Video Tutorial
  4. Origami Leaf Tutorial
  5. 12 Free Printable Origami Papers!
February 2015
  1. Origami Totoro Tutorial & Free Printable Paper
  2. Origami Sheep For Chinese New Year
  3. Origami 3D Bow Video Tutorial
  4. Easy Origami Heart Video Tutorial
  5. Origami Double Sided Heart Video Tutorial
  6. Origami Heart With Wings Video Tutorial
  7. Origami Ring Video Tutorial
  8. Origami Ring Box for Valentine’s Day
  9. Origami Heart Envelope Video Tutorial
January 2015
  1. Origami Hello Kitty Video Tutorial
  2. Origami Hello Kitty Bow Video Tutorial
  3. Origami Butterfly Tutorial 3 in 1
  4. Origami Bow Gift Box Video Tutorial
December 2014
  1. Origami Candy Box Video Tutorial
  2. Christmas Origami 2014 Round Up
  3. Origami Diamond Box Video Tutorial
  4. Modular Origami Pyramid Box Video Tutorial
  5. Origami Christmas Cracker Video Tutorial
  6. Modular Origami ‘Fox Box’ Video Tutorial
November 2014
  1. Origami Hexagonal Envelope / Pouch – Video Tutorial
  2. Origami Flowers by LaFosse & Alexander – Book Review
October 2014
  1. Origami Pumpkin Tato Video Tutorial
  2. Origami Spider or Bat Candy Box – Halloween
  3. Easy Origami Pumpkin – Halloween Tutorial
  4. Hanging Origami Bat for Halloween!
  5. Origami Pumpkin Bag – Halloween Video Tutorial
  6. Modular Origami Cat – Halloween – Video Tutorial
September 2014
  1. Origami Bamboo Letter Fold
  2. Origami Square Letter Fold Tutorial
August 2014
  1. Origami Rectangular ‘Envelope’ Box Tutorial
  2. Square & Shallow Origami Masu Box Tutorial
  3. Cute Origami Bow Video Tutorial
  4. Origami Bow / Ribbon with Tails Video Tutorial
  5. Origami Blizzard Book Tutorial Video
June 2014
  1. Origami Kawasaki Rose Video Tutorial
  2. Modular Origami Bookcase – Video Tutorial
May 2014
  1. Easy Origami Bow Photo Tutorial
  2. Easy Origami Envelope Photo Tutorial
April 2014
  1. Modular Origami Rabbit Box Tutorial
  2. Origami Egg Box Tutorial – Easter!
  3. Origami Gift Bag Tutorial & Free Printable Patterns
  4. Easy Origami Envelope Tutorial
  5. Origami Easter Basket Tutorial
  6. Origami Bunny Rabbit Envelope Tutorial V2
  7. Origami Bunny Rabbit Tutorial & Diagram
March 2014
  1. Origami Milk Carton Gift Box
  2. Easy Origami Bow Tutorial
  3. Origami Base Folds for beginners
  4. Origami Long Box & Lid with Handle
February 2014
  1. Minted.com Review | Art Prints, Party Decor & More
January 2014
  1. Easy Origami Lotus Video Tutorial
  2. Modular Origami Lotus Flower – Video Tutorial
  3. Sweet Origami Candy Box – Video Tutorial
  4. Origami Gift Box – Tutorial Video
  5. Cute Free 2014 Calendar Printables
November 2013
  1. Easy Origami Magazine – creative paper folding
  2. Origami Bow Tutorial – new version
  3. Mini modular origami book tutorial
October 2013
  1. How to make a DIY origami cherry blossom tree with willow branches
September 2013
  1. Sanrio Wallpaper, paper crafts, icons Collection | Hello Kitty, My Melody, Chococat, Kuromi, Keroppi, Cinnamoroll
  2. Mega San X Collection | Wallpaper | Rilakkuma & More
February 2013
  1. Pop up Valentines Card template I ♥ U
  2. Valentines Wallpaper from San-X
January 2013
  1. Valentines at Mini eco!
  2. Cute Perpetual Cube Calendar
  3. Canon’s 2013 Craft Calendar!
December 2012
  1. Origami Cherry Blossom Tutorial
  2. 2012 XMAS Picks
November 2012
  1. Necklace Giveaway – ENDED
  2. Origami Fall Leaves
October 2012
  1. Free Papercraft Halloween Pumpkin Template
June 2012
  1. Origami star flower video tutorial
  2. How to make a paper pentagon
May 2012
  1. Triangular Origami Box (Non modular) Video tutorial
  2. Freebies from The Pigtails!
  3. Origami Pikachu Video Tutorial (Advanced)
April 2012
  1. Origami Easter Basket Video Tutorial
March 2012
  1. Where to get cute wallpaper!
  2. Alternative Lids for Hexagonal Origami Box
  3. Origami Shamrock for St Patrick’s Day
  4. Video Tutorial – Origami Bunny Rabbit Envelopes
  5. Video Tutorial – Origami Hexagonal Gift Box
February 2012
  1. Lucky Cat Paper Toy
  2. Valentines Freebies from MyGrafico
  3. Origami Box with Lid + Ring Gift
  4. Valentines Day Boxes by Sjrenoir
  5. Origami Valentines Day Heart Card Tutorial # 2
  6. Origami Valentines Day Heart Card Tutorial
  7. Free cute letter paper from PuchiMo
  8. How to make an origami Rilakkuma
December 2011
  1. 3D Cloud Decoration Tutorial
  2. How to tie cute bows
  3. Modular Origami Christmas Tree (Alternative)
  4. Paper Snowflakes!
  5. modular origami christmas tree
  6. Modular origami star
  7. 5 pointed origami star
November 2011
  1. Cute wallpapers selection
October 2011
  1. Free printable 2012 calendar -kokeshi dolls by Creative Mamma
  2. Best Halloween Paper Crafts 2011
September 2011
  1. Cute graphics from Deviantart!
  2. Origami Vegetables
  3. Ice Cream Paper Crafts
August 2011
  1. New Rilakkuma Wallpaper!
  2. Origami Tamagotchi Crafts Tutorial
July 2011
  1. Mini Origami Book Tutorial
  2. Origami Dolls
June 2011
  1. Origami Dolls Clothing
  2. Pikachu Origami Cube – Cute Pokemon
April 2011
  1. Origami Crane and Variations
  2. Easter Paper Craft 2011 Picks
  3. Easter Origami Bunny + Chicks in Egg
  4. Origami Basket by Kazukuni Endo 遠藤和邦
  5. Origami Cherry Blossom Dish
  6. Angry Birds Papercraft!
March 2011
  1. Mini Origami Books
  2. Hexagonal Origami Gift Box
  3. New Kawasaki Rose
February 2011
  1. Cute Origami Baby Shoes Tutorial
  2. Kikoo The Kawaii Monkey – Papercraft Model
  3. Origami Kawasaki Roses
  4. Origami Hearts
  5. Origami Rabbits
  6. Cute Papercraft Fish ^_^
  7. 2 Pikachu Origami Diagrams
  8. Valentines Paper Heart Chain Tutorial
  9. Free cute bookmarks from The Pigtails
  10. Pop up card tutorial – Valentines day
  11. Cute Milk Carton Template
  12. Origami Bow Tutorial
  13. Paper Weaved Valentines Heart Tutorial
  14. Valentines day paper craft from One-Charming-Party
  15. Cute 3D Turtle Models!!!
  16. Miffy Papercraft Model
  17. Canon’s Valentines Day special!
  18. Cute 3D Rabbit Models!
  19. Really Simple Paper Box Download
  20. Valentines gift box
  21. Sweet Papercraft Hearts by OH-SHEET!
January 2011
  1. Kawaii 2011 Calendars from Creative Mamma!
  2. Chinese Rabbit Origami
  3. Simple Chinese Paper Lanterns
  4. How to make Chinese paper lanterns from a Paper Cup!
  5. 14 Free Rilakkuma Wallpapers
  6. 2011 Pop-up Calendar by Dolosan
  7. Cute 2011 Calendar from Cocooan Urban!
December 2010
  1. Origami Baby Shoes
  2. New Cherry Blossom Kusudama
  3. Free Hello Kitty Box Template!
  4. Rare Origami Cherry Blossom Diagram Download
  5. Cherry Blossom Kusudama Diagram + Video
  6. New Origami Snowflakes
  7. 2 Different Origami Snowflakes! Diagrams + Video
  8. Free Kawaii Gift Box Cutout!!!
  9. Free Japanese Panda Box Cutout!
  10. Free Kawaii 3D Star+Rainbow Paper Model!
  11. Free 3D Cut-Out Sanrio Chococat Box
  12. Free Cutout 3D models from Warm ‘n Fuzzy
  13. Morning Dew Origami Kusudama
  14. Kawaii Paper Anime/Manga heads Tutorial
  15. Download Natsuaki / Japanese Room 3D Template!
  16. Cute Little Butterfly Origami Instructions and Paper Download
  17. Kawaii Origami Bow Tutorial [>o<]
  18. Cute Origami Baby Shoes Tutorial!
  19. Relax Bear Papercraft
  20. rilakkuma papercraft – happy cupcake by ~ikarusmedia
  21. Kawaii graphics collection from DeviantArt
November 2010
  1. Video Tutorial: Modular origami passion flower ball!!
  2. Welcome!
  3. Tutorial: Fourteen-Point Star
  4. Kawaii Origami: How to fold 2 types of 3D Hearts
  5. Free Cupcake Toppers Downloads From Paper Glitter!
  6. Cherry Blossom Japanese Origami Diagram by Kawasaki Toshikazu
  7. Super Cute Japanese Origami Strawberry Diagram
  8. Simple Japanese Hello Kitty Origami Instructions
  9. Kawaii 3D Origami Duck; PDF Instructions Download!
  10. Adorable Origami Boxes Tutorial & Review
  11. Hello Kitty Pritable 3D Paper Model; Review and Download
  12. Pokemon – Pikachu 3D Model Papercraft Template; Review & Download
  13. Origami Butterfly Diagram & Video Tutorial
  14. How to Make a Branch of Paper Cherry Blossoms
  15. Gothic Kirigami Flowers Template & Instructions
  16. Free Printable Owl Mobile!
  17. Super Cute Milky Cut-out!
  18. Origami Lotus Flower Tutorial
  19. Kawaii Origmai Star Tutorial
  20. Make an apple out of book paper [NoBiggie paper crafts]