Kawaii Origami

Kawaii is the Japanese word meaning cute, in kanji it is written like かわいい – it is pronounced ‘ Ka-whay-eee – it can mean pretty, adorable, sweet and loveable! How does it apply to paper craft and origami? I’m not sure – but I think it’s all Kawaii :3

Cute Origami Bow Video Tutorial


A quick and easy origami bow video tutorial, using one sheet of origami paper, no cutting involved, hope you enjoy, it makes a cute decoration! 😀

Origami Bow / Ribbon with Tails Video Tutorial


Learn how to make a cute origami bow / ribbon with tails with an easy to follow video tutorial. You will need 2 strips of paper for this one.

Origami Bow Tutorial

origami ribbon

This origami ribbon bow tutorial is from Tweety Atelier, easy to make, perfect finish for cards and gift boxes!

Watch the video tutorial!

Cute Little Butterfly Origami Instructions and Paper Download

so cute

I think this is the cutest butterfly origami! I could feature this guy all day, his stuff is soo good!

Cute Origami Baby Shoes Tutorial!


This Origami Baby Shoes are a great gift for new parents and children…or dolly…!!!

Kawaii Origmai Star Tutorial


They’re quick, easy, cute, and fun to make!  I love these kawaii origami stars! They are so easy, you can make a lot of them and make a jar of origami stars as a gift. Here’s some cute paper you can print out and use!!! ^_^