Origami Diagram

There are a few posts which include the origami diagram, here they are, in future I will only be posting origami diagrams which I have created myself.

Origami Baby Shoes


If I make more of these Origami Baby Shoes, I’ll post a new picture. I can’t find ย decent one on google anywhere! This diagram is WAY different to the other step by step photos on this previous post: This diagram is from the book ‘Essential Origami-How To Build Dozens of Models from Just 10 Easy […]

New Cherry Blossom Kusudama

cherry blossom kasudama

This is my second Cherry Blossom Kusudama, the ‘petals’ where real easy, but putting it together took me ages, its probably because I was trying to follow japanese instructions, and missed out on any text writen!!! I havent added a tassel yet, need to get some thread. I might make another using thicker, red or […]

Kawaii Origami Bow Tutorial [>o<]



This super cute, easy model was designed by joostlangeveld

Cute Origami Baby Shoes Tutorial!


This Origami Baby Shoes are a great gift for new parents and children…or dolly…!!!

Cherry Blossom Japanese Origami Diagram by Kawasaki Toshikazu

Screenshot 2010-11-22 at 4.51.21 PM

This is a scan from one of my books, its pretty easy to follow, and you can make a lot so it will be really cute!!!

Super Cute Japanese Origami Strawberry Diagram


This Origami Strawberry Diagramย is soo cute!ย  You can buy special paper- here

Simple Japanese Hello Kitty Origami Instructions

Screenshot 2010-11-22 at 1.45.11 PM

This Simple Origami Hello Kitty Instruction in Japanese (I Think) is very easy to understand without knowing Japanese โœช It is great for kids, and adults..!!! ^_______^ Enjoy ! [box type=”download”]Download Hello Kitty Diagram JPG[/box]