Origami Diagram

There are a few posts which include the origami diagram, here they are, in future I will only be posting origami diagrams which I have created myself.

Origami Baby Shoes


If I make more of these Origami Baby Shoes, I’ll post a new picture. I can’t find  decent one on google anywhere! This diagram is WAY different to the other step by step photos on this previous post: This diagram is from the book ‘Essential Origami-How To Build Dozens of Models from Just 10 Easy […]

New Cherry Blossom Kusudama

cherry blossom kasudama

This is my second Cherry Blossom Kusudama, the ‘petals’ where real easy, but putting it together took me ages, its probably because I was trying to follow japanese instructions, and missed out on any text writen!!! I havent added a tassel yet, need to get some thread. I might make another using thicker, red or […]

Rare Origami Cherry Blossom Diagram Download


This Origami Cherry Blossom Diagram is from an old Tanteidan magazine.

Morning Dew Origami Kusudama


Learn how to make this pretty Morning Dew Origami Kusudama by downloading these diagrams, the folds are pretty simple…

Kawaii Origami Bow Tutorial [>o<]



This super cute, easy model was designed by joostlangeveld

Cute Origami Baby Shoes Tutorial!


This Origami Baby Shoes are a great gift for new parents and children…or dolly…!!!

Cherry Blossom Japanese Origami Diagram by Kawasaki Toshikazu

Screenshot 2010-11-22 at 4.51.21 PM

This is a scan from one of my books, its pretty easy to follow, and you can make a lot so it will be really cute!!!

Super Cute Japanese Origami Strawberry Diagram


This Origami Strawberry Diagram is soo cute!  You can buy special paper- here

Simple Japanese Hello Kitty Origami Instructions

Screenshot 2010-11-22 at 1.45.11 PM

This Simple Origami Hello Kitty Instruction in Japanese (I Think) is very easy to understand without knowing Japanese ✪ It is great for kids, and adults..!!! ^_______^ Enjoy ! [box type=”download”]Download Hello Kitty Diagram JPG[/box]