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Origami Baby Shoes


If I make more of these Origami Baby Shoes, I’ll post a new picture. I can’t find  decent one on google anywhere! This diagram is WAY different to the other step by step photos on this previous post: This diagram is from the book ‘Essential Origami-How To Build Dozens of Models from Just 10 Easy […]

Cute Origami Baby Shoes Tutorial!


This Origami Baby Shoes are a great gift for new parents and children…or dolly…!!!

Adorable Origami Boxes Tutorial & Review


These are sposed to be easter boxes but I think they arecute for all year round These are from BellyTimber, they are really easy to make, but you need to either print out or cut a pentagon for the five sided one, I think the five sided one is cuter! Here is mine haha! :