Paper Box

Paper boxes are my favourite! When I go into a store I am always attracted by paper boxes, they are useful and beautiful, especially made with origami :)

Origami Heart Box Video Instructions


Learn how to make a pretty origami heart box! This origami box has a concealed lid, it would make the perfect gift box at Valentines or birthdays for a loved one 😀

Traditional Origami Square Bowl / Box Instructions


Learn how to make a traditional origami square bowl or box, this box looks as if it’s twisted, and is very easy to make. Easy step by step instructions.

Origami Flip Top Box Instructions


Learn how to make an origami flip top box. It looks a bit like a cigarette box, store cards and other stuff like crayons, pocky or candy in this box!

Origami Hinged Box Video Tutorial


Learn how to make a modular origami hinged box, using 3 pieces of square paper, follow along with a video tutorial. Makes a perfect gift box for jewellery!

Origami Pill Box / Organizer Video Tutorial


Learn how to make a pretty and useful origami pill box with 7 sections for each day of the week, you could use this to organise beads, pins, loom bands, gems and other small items!

Origami Pencil Box Video Tutorial


Learn how to make an origami pencil box with a hinged lid with this easy to follow step by step video tutorial!
Perfect to use for pens or as a gift box!

Origami Box with Bow – Tutorial


Learn how to make an origami box with a pretty bow on the lid. The flaps on the box make it look like the ribbon extends underneath. Easy step by step video tutorial.

Origami Chinese Thread Book Video Tutorial


Learn how to make a Chinese Thread Book using 3 origami models, this is such a cute paper project, you can use it to organise sewing threads or as a gift.

Free Printable – Origami Crystal Box + Tutorial


9 free printable origami crystal box papers, perfect gift boxes, straight forward to fold – watch the accompanying tutorial video for these origami gems!

Origami Gem Box & Lid Tutorial & Diagram


This origami box is in the shape of a gem or crystal, so perfect for gifts of jewellery! Learn how to fold one with this video tutorial and free diagram!

Origami Masu Box Divider Video Tutorial


Learn how to make a nifty divider for the origami Masu box model! This is pretty easy to make even for beginners. Use this to organise your stationary!