Paper Box

Paper boxes are my favourite! When I go into a store I am always attracted by paper boxes, they are useful and beautiful, especially made with origami :)

Origami Octahedron Box / Decoration Instructions ♦


These are the instructions to learn how to make a pretty origami octahedron with one sheet of paper.

Origami Star Bowl Instructions

Origami Star Bowl Instructions -  Learn how to make a simple origami star dish or bowl, use these to serve snacks at parties or hang them up as paper decorations!  ✪ #origami #paper #star #crafts #diy - Tutorial: - Paper Kawaii 💕

Learn how to make a simple origami star dish or bowl, use these to serve snacks at parties or hang them up as paper decorations! ✪

3 Easy Origami Boxes – Photo Instructions


Here are three little origami boxes, all three are traditional models, I have made photo tutorials for each one, these boxes are all unique of each other, and all are very simple to make.

Expanding Origami Folder Instructions


Learn how to make a useful origami expanding folder! You can make one to keep cards, receipts, photos and more!
You could also make a larger version by starting with larger paper.

Origami Pencil Tray with 4 Sections Tutorial


Learn how to make a cool origami pencil tray! This box has 4 sections all made from one sheet of rectangular paper.
I would say this origami is harder than usual, I think you can still give it a try, it makes a useful tray for your pencils, also use it to organise beads, chop sticks and other long things :)

Long Flat Origami Box Instructions


Learn how to make a useful long flat origami box using A4 or letter paper, I made this box especially to fit the origami pencil tray.

Long Origami Pull Out Drawers Instructions ♥


Learn how to make some origami drawers that open nicely! These drawers are longer than the previous version and folded differently. These drawers are great to keep little stationary objects in, you can increase the size by simply using larger paper.

Origami Gem Box – Long Version


Learn how to make a variation of the origami gem box, this one is long and thin, starting from a regular Masu box. This version starts the same way, except instead of making a Masu box in quarters, it is thirds and also the joining triangle is made differently.

Origami Masu Box Lid Variations


Learn how to make two variations of the traditional origami Masu box to use as the lid.

These two variations are easy to make, they’re inspired by the way the traditional origami lotus flower is folded, combined with the Masu box, you can create a number of different lid designs.

Origami Pull-Out Drawers Instructions


Learn how to make some cool origami pull-out drawers! These origami drawers make great organisers, make lots and stack them up!
You can choose to have the drawers either tall or rotate the drawers for a horizontal cabinet!
These drawers use Masu boxes that slot together, it’s pretty easy!

Origami Bipyramid Gem Box Instructions


Learn how to make a pretty gem shaped origami gift box! These boxes are easier to make than they look, starting from a regular Masu box!