Origami star flower video tutorial


Learn how to make this beautiful origami star flower, diagram and video tutorial! Perfect as a gift or to make a cute bunch of flowers!

Modular Origami Christmas Tree (Alternative)


Learn how to make this really slick modular origami Christmas tree! Theres not much time before Christmas!

Modular origami star

modular origami star

Learn how to make this really neat modular origami star, perfect for the top of the Christmas tree, or just hang it all year round!

5 pointed origami star

Origami 5 Point Star

Learn how to make an 5 pointed origami star from 1 piece of paper.
Photo tutorial from Extreme Cards.

Free Kawaii 3D Star+Rainbow Paper Model!


This is soo Cute, I can’t read the instructions as their in Japanese, but I will have a go anyway! I might even have a go at modifying the colours a bit… I know its probably not allowed, but.. I’d prefer a nicer yellow, and maybe a cloud somewhere!!! [box type=”download”]Download 3D Star PDF 1[/box] […]

Kawaii Origmai Star Tutorial


They’re quick, easy, cute, and fun to make! Here’s some cute paper you can print out and use!!! ^_^