Here are 4 cute halloween origami instructions! These simple origami models would make great decorations at your Halloween party, trick or treat bags or just to hang around your house to make it more festive.

Please follow my easy to follow step by step instructions to make your own Halloween origamis.

All of these origami models are designed by me, Kamikey 🙂 Check out my youtube channel here.

If you make some, please leave me a message in the comments, you can also post a photo if you like.

Scary Origami Pumpkin

You can make eyes and mouth using double sided origami paper.

You will need:

– 1 sheet of square origami paper.
preferably the paper has a different colour on the back.
– tiny bit of glue.

Origami Leaf Wreath

It’s beautiful when made with lots of different coloured origami paper.

You will need:

– 8 small squares of paper.
– 7 paper clips.
– glue.

Origami Bat

This origami bat makes the perfect Halloween decoration.
This model is folded from the traditional origami bird base.

You will need:

– 1 sheet of square black origami paper.

Origami Pumpkin Bag

You can put several candies in this origami bag.
It’s simple and easy to fold.

 You will need: 

– 1 sheet of square paper.
– washi tape or pen – for the face.
– candies.

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