origami star dish instructions 00

Origami Star Bowl

Learn how to make a pretty origami star bowl. Follow this step by step photo tutorial, a video tutorial is also available.

origami star bowl paper kawaii 01

Origami Star Bowl Tutorial – Masoud Hosseini

An origami star bowl designed by Masoud Hosseini. This layered origami 5 point star is made from 1 sheet of paper & is easier than it looks. 

origami pinwheel flower bowl paper kawaii 03

Origami Flower Bowl – Pinwheel Design Tutorial

A pretty origami flower bowl or tulip with a pinwheel on the inside. Use as a bowl for sweets & snacks. Made from 1 sheet of square paper.

origami star flower bowl paper kawaii 02

Origami Star Flower Bowl / Box Tutorial

An origami star flower bowl, this box’s edges can look like a four point star or flower. Made from 1 sheet of paper, no glue required.

origami round twist box tutorial paper kawaii 02

Twisted Round Origami Box / Bowl Tutorial

A twisted round origami box or bowl. Made from 1 sheet of square paper, no glue or cuts. Display some lovely items in these origami pots.

origami sonobe bowl tutorial paper kawaii 01

Modular Origami Sonobe Bowl Tutorial

Make a geometric origami bowl with sonobe units. This easy to make origami bowl is made from 9 sheets of square paper. No glue required.

origami flower dishes 01

Origami Flower Bowl Tutorial

A pretty origami flower bowl, dish or plate, you can customise the base to make it wider. It’s great to display jewellery, candies & more.

Geometric Origami Pot Instructions

Geometric Origami Bowl Instructions

Learn how to make a geometric origami bowl or dish, using a sheet of square paper. You can make another o to fit inside as the inner layer.

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Origami Star / Flower / Crown Bowl Tutorial

Make an origami star bowl which also looks like a crown and a flower. This origami model can be closed and opened.

origami hexagon star dish instructions 01

Hexagonal Origami Star Dish / Bowl Instructions

Learn how to make a six sided star dish or bowl with these simple origami instructions, this origami is made from one sheet of hexagonal paper.

origami star bowl tutorial paper kawaii 03

Origami Star Bowl Instructions

Learn how to make a simple origami star dish or bowl, use these to serve snacks at parties or hang them up as paper decorations.

Traditional origami square bowl / Box Instructions

Traditional Origami Square Bowl / Box Instructions

Learn how to make a traditional origami square bowl or box, this box looks as if it’s twisted, and is very easy to make. Easy step by step instructions.

geometric origami box pot tutorial paper kawaii 03

Geometric Origami Pot / Box Tutorial – Verdi’s Vase Variation

In this tutorial you can learn how to make a pretty geometric origami pot or box. This unique popup box is make from 1 sheet of square paper, no glue or scissors required.

origami 3d christmas tree tutorial paper kawaii 03

3D Origami Christmas Tree Tutorial – Accordion Folding

How to fold a 3D origami Christmas tree. This origami tree sits inside a pot, decorate with a star on top or other kinds of Xmas decorations.

origami square bowl 00

Origami Candy Box – Clean Version

This is a step by step photo tutorial of the traditional origami tapered box or ‘candy box’. This version is cleaner than the original, as it has minimal extra creases.

traditional japanese square box 0

Origami Twisted Box

A traditional Japanese origami box with a twisted look. This easy origami box is made from 1 sheet of rectangular paper.

chinese origami dish tutorial paper kawaii 02

Traditional Chinese Origami Fancy Dish Tutorial

This traditional origami box uses 2 sheets of square paper to complete. This unique origami box or bowl is fun and easy to make. 

easy a4 origami box tutorial paper kawaii 02

Super Easy Shallow Origami Box Tutorial

This shallow origami box is sturdy & super easy to make. Make this box a rounded geometric shape or square. Make from 1 rectangular sheet.

origami pop up frame box tutorial tall paper kawaii 01

Origami Picture Frame Pop-Up Boxes Tutorial

Make some unique origami picture frames that pop up to become a box. These two geometric origami boxes make great gifts. Display artwork/photos inside.

origami square twist box paper kawaii 06

Square Origami Twist Box With Flat Base Tutorial

Learn how to make a square origami twist box with a flat base. This geometric origami bowl or pot is great for a displaying trinkets. 1 sheet, no glue required.

origami pinwheel flowers paper kawaii 01

Origami Pinwheel Flowers Tutorial

Learn how to make origami pinwheel flowers. There’s 4 variations of this flower: pinwheel, closed, twisted & alternate coloured petals.

origami tripyramid box tutorial paper kawaii 01

Origami Tripyramid Gift Box Tutorial – David Donahue

An origami tripyramid box designed by David Donahue. This origami box can also be used as hanging decorations or as a useful phone stand.

origami sonobe coaster tutorial paper kawaii 01

Modular Origami Coaster Tutorial – Sonobe Units

Make some cool origami coasters with modified sonobe units. You only need 4 units for this, it’s easy and satisfying how they fit together.

Modular Origami Lotus Flower with 8 Petals - Tutorial

Modular Origami Lotus Flower with 8 Petals – Tutorial

This modular origami lotus flower has 8 petals, the leaves underneath are seperate, the flower sits on top. It’s easy to make.

origami tea plate paper kawaii 04

Traditional Origami Tea Plate Tutorial

These easy to make origami plates are traditionally used for serving loose tea, you can use it to serve tea bags, or as a bowl or tray for other items.