This year i finally managed to get into the whole Christmas Craft thing! Usually I tend to find it all a bit overwhelming!

Here are my favourite Christmas origami crafts for 2014 by a selection of other blogs and websites!

The first is by Origami Spirit (

“How to Make an Origami Christmas Tree”

This Christmas tree is a clever adaptation of an origami flower, previously presented at Origami Spirit, and a creation of Vicente Dolz (Spain). To make this tree we need seven flower units for the branches, one piece for the trunk, and a star.

This is in a video tutorial format

Click here to read the post over at Origami Spirit.

The second is by Mollie Makes (

“DIY Christmas decorations: Origami star tutorial”

It’s time to put up the tree and make DIY Christmas decorations! Here’s a simple origami star tutorial for the whole family that you can whip up using paper scraps or last year’s Christmas gift wrap.

This is an easy to follow photo tutorial.

Click here to read the post over at Mollie Makes.

Thirdly, a very popular model this year, tutorial by Nurin Kurin (

“DIY: Kuusi origami”

These easy to make Origami Christmas Trees are perfect for hanging or placed on shelves and table arrangements!

This is an easy photo tutorial

Click here to read the post over at Nurin Kurin.

The forth one is by Design And Form


Very addictive to make after you get the hang of it. This Origami Diamond decoration is created by sticking two origami models together.

A nice clear origami photo tutorial !

Click here to read the post over at Design And Form.

The Fifth is a tutorial from All About Origami (

“Origami Jewel Ornament”

Similar to the origami diamond, this is a modular origami model.

Easy to make and looks great with beads, hanging from the Christmas Tree.

This is another photo tutorial.

Click here to read the post over at All About Origami.

(Picture by foldyouso)

The sixth is a paper craft model by Mini Eco (

This a very cool printable paper model!

Click here to view the post over at Mini Eco!


Paper craft decorations by Mini Eco.

Yes I absolutely love everything over at Mini Eco, I’m a big fan of paper crafts but I haven’t posted many or any lately here.

This post includes all the best printable christmas decorations that they have there.

So click here to check out the goodies at Mini Eco..

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Hope you enjoyed my post, did you have a favourite Christmas craft this year? Let me know in the comments!