How to make Chinese paper lanterns for the new year! Or.. cos they’re pretty!

This is from, they have some really useful stuff on there.

Materials: Paper cup, red paint, plastic rod, red cotton thread

Tools: Brushes, scissors

Step 1: According to pictures, cut paper cups

Step 2: The paper cup was cutted finished

Step 3: Trim the upper edge of the paper cup

Step 4: Use another paper cup to make the lantern lid

Step 5: Use red cotton thread through the center of the lantern’s lid and bottom

Step 6: Stick lid and bottom with a red narrow strip of paper;

Step 7: Use red pigment to change the color of paper to red

Step 8: Use the cutted paper to make the tassel

Step 9: Assembled the parts of lantern

You could use a really cool cup, like we get from trendy coffee shops here in Oz… And you could use spray paint…!!!

How to make Chinese paper lanterns from a Paper Cup! via @paper_kawaii