Learn how to fold two variations of the traditional origami Chinese junk boat. This unique & satisfying boat requires you to ‘pull open’ the boat in the final step. You can style the points of the boat in a few different ways too.

This is a traditional origami model of a Chinese boat called a ‘Junk’. This origami boat also looks like a Gondola. No one seems to know where the model was first discovered.  I found an interesting article by David Lister on the origins of this model here.

This closed version of the Chinese junk boat is a modification, however I worked this out without a diagram, just by viewing a photograph so I’m not sure this is the same method.

I hadn’t folded this origami boat since I was a child and had almost forgotten how to make it. I just love the final pull-out step of the boat. There are two seperate videos below, enjoy!

Design: Traditional (closed version is a modification)
Level: ★★✯☆☆

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