Please make sure the annotations are turned on for more descriptions!

The cute stickers on the square basket were sent to me by @coolpencilcase

You should check out their website if you love cute stationary!

This model is by Kazukuni Endo (遠藤和邦)

It is an advanced model but really easy after a couple of go’s.

I started with big square paper that is 12 x 12 inches. Even bigger is better if you find the handle to hard to fold, it is because the paper is too thick.

This model is great because you can have it square or traditional basket shaped! And it is perfect for putting Easter eggs in, it doesn’t have to be an Easter basket, could be for putting pens in, or a gift bag/box

You can download the diagram for this on a post I made last year here:遠藤和邦/

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