Origami Purse Photo Tutorial

Origami Purse Photo Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

Follow this step by step photo tutorial on how to make an origami purse that you can actually use.

Origami Purse Photo Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

Origami Purse – Video Tutorial

This page shows just the photo tutorial, to view the full video tutorial and full information on the origami model, click the link below.

Photo Tutorial:

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8 months ago

Did you take it from The Spruce Crafts? I saw them look quite familiar.

Santiago 10 ✌️
Santiago 10 ✌️
11 months ago

I love the mini purse! I was asking if it’s a bigger vision

Etika jain
Etika jain
3 years ago

I love your origami. I ve tried one of your purses to give away amount to someone lucky in a game play . It’s absolutely lovely. Keep sharing.

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