ISSUE NO. 5, February 2019


Hello and welcome to the fifth issue of The Folded Corner! My name is Chrissy, I’m the person behind Paper Kawaii.


The folded corner is a monthly online article featuring origami reviews, tutorials, giveaways, community photos, free printable origami paper, coupons/special offers and more! – For more info on how The Folded Corner started, refer back to the first issue.


I’m not sure if anyone noticed, but there was no issue for January, mainly due to me being ill for a long period of time, and also because I just needed a break from the internet generally. However now that I’m rested up, I plan on posting each month.

February is one of my favourite months because I really love making Valentine’s day origami and paper crafts! (Excuse to use mostly pink? Yes please!)  

Also coming up is Autumn (fall) in Australia, it’s been extremely hot here, making it hard to sit and fold origami!  Easter is coming soon, I really hope to create some cute origami bunny rabbits or easter baskets.

book Reviews

In each issue of The Folded Corner, there will be up to 5 book reviews, any book recommendations are welcome, please see the bottom of the page to leave a comment or send a message. All books are either sent by companies or authors for free or these books are part of my collection.

1. Feine falterei by Susanne Blume & Franziska Panitz

The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

where to buy

‘Feine Falterei’ by Susanne Blume & Franziska Panitz is available to buy online.

‘Feine Falterei’ by Susanne Blume & Franziska Panitz is an origami book in German. I was asked by one of the authors if they could include my origami star bowl design and a modification of the traditional origami mouse that I had found. Of course I was very happy for them to do so.

This little book, which measures about 16 x 16 cm, is a minimalistic white, hardbound book with beautiful hand drawn diagrams.

The book contains traditional origami models as well as origami models from various designers. 10 sheets of origami papers where included as well.

The book did have a elasticated band around it, but it seemed to be warping the book so I removed it.

Although I cannot read German, I was able to follow the diagrams very well. There are some text instructions under some of the steps. Google Translate’s live translate app would be very useful if you needed it.

The photos are in black and white, like the whole book. This book is great for beginners, through to intermediate level folders. There are no advanced models included.

To better see which models are included, click on the image below to enlarge. 

The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

I used the ‘Chiyogami’ paper from Tuttle to fold the origami purse/pouch designed by Joost Langveld.

2. Essential Book Of Origami by LaFosse & Alexander

The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

where to buy

‘Essential Book Of Origami’ by LaFosse & Alexander is available to buy online and in many bookshops.

‘Essential Book Of Origami’ by LaFosse & Alexander is a pretty new origami book (2016), with 16 origami ‘lessons’.

This book has a lot of text, a lot of insights from the authors. It feels a lot more personal than most origami books. 

Lessons included are such things as ‘designing minimalist origami’, ‘dry folding in the air’, ‘choosing the best proportions’ and so on, all with an accompanying origami model to base the lesson around. An instructional DVD is also included.

There are some beautiful origami models included – I folded the simple heart (it’s Valentine’s Day as I am writing this). There is a lovely horse, which is next on my list to fold, another lovely model that’s included is the origami bat, both designed by Michael G. LaFosse.

The format is soft bound, good quality and in full colour. The diagrams are a little different as they have photos in amongst the usual illustrations.

There is a lot of information, images and diagrams crammed into this book!

I would recommend this book to people who already love and have learned many origami models. I would not recommend for beginners as there are mostly intermediate and a couple advanced models included.

This book would be perfect for those who would like to improve their folding skills or who would like to start designing their own models. 

The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

I used the floral paper from Daiso to fold this Origami Heart, designed by Michael G. LaFosse.

3. Everything Origami by Matthew Gardiner

The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

‘Everything Origami’ by Matthew Gardiner was written in 2008 – it’s definitly the book I picked up the most when I was starting to get really interested in origami. 

Included in the book are 60+ origami models, some are traditional, but a lot are designed by Matthew Gardiner, there are quite a lot of his models in the book. 

My favourite model from the book, is the heart box (lid), in the photo below, which is designed by Darren Scott.

The format of the book is a hard spiral bound folder. Surprisingly, I really liked the folder, beacuse it’s soo big, you can just pop your origami paper in it and also fold on top of it.

There are eight sections to the book, with handy tabs on the side. I found the instructions very clear. When I started drawing my own diagrams, I referred to this book’s diagrams as a guide a lot.

This book would suite beginners to intermediate level origami folders, great for kids and adults!

where to buy

‘Everything Origami’ by Matthew Gardiner is available to buy online.

The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

february GIVEAWAY!

The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs by Eric Gjerde

Eric Gjerde demonstrates 25 of his favorite tessellations and turns them into projects for newcomers as well as experienced origamists. With step-by-step instructions, illustrated crease patterns, and how-to photos, you’ll learn to create these wonderful designs yourself. Eric’s first book covers the fundamentals of origami tessellations, provides history, and describes simple beginning techniques with detailed illustrations and photographs. An extensive gallery showcases tessellations folded by the world’s leading origami fine artists—inspiring you to experiment, innovate, and eventually create your own unique designs.” Amazon

A lucky winner will be sent a copy. This giveaway is open internationally, to where Amazon ships to, including Australia & NZ. View on Amazon Books


Some new origami paper I picked up this month!

The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

Tuttle 'chiyogami' papers

The first set of origami paper I grabbed this month was Chiyogami patterns origami paper from Tuttle.

The size of the paper is 15 x 15 cm and there are 12 different patterns included.  I like how thin the paper is, it seems to hold up well to multiple foldings and layers. It’s a shame it doesn’t come in a larger size!

The color of the paper is nice, however slightly muted, the photos came out quite a bit brighter than the actual paper.

The back of the papers are various colors. As with most packs of chiyogami style paper, there are a couple patterns I do not like.

This is not true chiyogami paper, it’s regular origami paper with the patterns of chiyogami, real chiyogami paper is very expensive, so this is a great alternative.

The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

Daiso 'Tamanho' Origami Paper

I also picked up this little pack of pretty floral origami paper from Daiso! ( I also picked up 2 more packs of the brightly coloured one from last time!)

I really liked the pink stripy one that is at the front, but after opening it up, I’m not that keen on the other three.

The paper is thin, 15 x 15 cm, and a little shiny, with white on the back. You get 100 sheets, which is amazing for the low price I got it (about $3.50 AUD).

Hopefully there will be some new designs stocked there soon, they even moved the origami paper section to a smaller area, which isn’t a good sign ?.

I could not find this paper to buy online anywhere. If you have a Daiso where you live, they might have it.

Monthly Origami Challenge

Each month, a new origami challenge will be presented, fold any of these origami models & submit Your photos!

You can post your photo(s) in a comment on this page or on facebook/instagram with the hashtag #thefoldedcorner – or join the Discord community chat and post them there.  Each month, depending on how many photos are submitted, a selection will be featured in the new issue of The Folded Corner.

February 2019 challenge:

The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

1️⃣ An Origami Box – That you love!
This origami box can be a model you enjoy folding or one you’ve recently come across.

If you have a specific origami model you’d like to see as part of The Folded Corner’s Monthly Origami Challenge, please feel free to suggest it in the comments of this post, suggest on Facbeook/Discord or send us an email.❗️NOTE: The origami models MUST list the designer of the model, the instructions/diagram/video MUST have been created by or with the original creator’s permission. 

shop / diagrams

'Kawaii Origami' Pre-Order

Kawaii Origami by me 🙂 Will be ready to send in early April. Pre-orders are available.

Origami Secret Stepper Box Diagram

The origami secret stepper box is easy to make, made with 4-5 sheets of paper.

LEARNIGAMI Modular origami boxes

More than 25 diagrams showing you how to make a selection of origami boxes. 

recent tutorials

The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

2 Sided Origami Pinwheel Tutorial

Learn how to make a special origami pinwheel with a pinwheel on both sides. It will spin in both directions! Made from 1 sheet of square paper, no glue or cutting required.

read more
The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

Origami Stacking Spice Boxes Tutorial

Learn how to make a set of stackable origami boxes. These square origami boxes are made from 1 sheet of paper, no glue is required. Makes a great gift box or useful organisation for stationery or jewellery.

read more
The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

Origami Honeycomb Box Tutorial

Learn how to make an origami honeycomb box. This 7 to 9 section, round origami organiser box is great to display items such as jewellery, stationery or makeup.

read more
The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

Octagonal Origami Box Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to make an 8 sided octagonal origami gift box. Both the lid and box are made with 1 sheet of paper, no glue required.

read more
The Folded Corner Issue No.5 – February 2019 via @paper_kawaii

Origami Hexagonal Gift Box Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to make a six sided hexagonal origami gift box. Using one sheet of paper for each the box and lid. You can customise the top of the lid in many ways too.

read more

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coupons & offers

Tuttle @ New South Books Australia


Get 20% off Tuttle origami paper at New South Books. Valid within Australia & New Zealand only. 

Use Code KAWAII20

Get 10% off your order by using the code KAWAIILOVE at checkout.

subscriber discount

When you subscribe to the Paper Kawaii newsletter, you’ll receive coupons:
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Book Announcement – continued!

I let you guys know already about the new book ‘Kawaii Origami’. I have just posted about it with photos and more info.

The book is available to pre-order online in various shops, for more info, PHOTOS and where to pre-order, click here.


Written by Chrissy Pushkin

We hope you enjoyed this instalment of The Folded Corner! We are always very happy to receive any feedback, suggestions or corrections. Please leave a comment below, or use the email form next to this text to send a message to us. We are looking for occasional guest posters for The Folded Corner, so if you are interested we would love to hear from you as well.

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I’m planning on crafting the succulents and the cute paper bow


I’m thinking of folding up some of those succulents!


I’m not super skilled with origami, but my daughter is. We both love your tutorials. They’re super cute and always creative.


I’ve never seen a website for origami like this, I’ve only made a few peices so I’m looking forward to using these tutorials!


planning on repurposing the advent calendar box into a mini toolbox for my bits n bobs! very useful n multifunctional 🙂


It seems really interesting, i’m excited to start working on some projects with some of the paper you mentioned!


I’m a sporadic watcher,.but I do enjoy your content very much. Thank you for the opportunity of the giveaway 🙂


In the last days I discovered the tessellation: they are amazing!
I am planning to learn all types of tessellation, from the basic to the advances ones.
My wife prefers insects and mammals models, but I am not agree: the satisfaction of folding a complex tessellation is priceless!


Great Giveaway Chrissy! Can’t wait to see who wins


Thank you for you beautiful, inspiring website. I particularly enjoy folding geometric models 🙂


Very good site, i would like to try to do 3d hearts. Many thanks you site is very good for beginners!


I love the book reviews! I’ve been out of touch with the paper craft hobby in general so these will be a big help to learn what’s new and current!

Mary Alejandra Aquino

Can you read my mind? I really want to do tesselations!! While I’m working in the hedgehog by Yudai Imai


maravillosa pagina y grandioso sorteo, me encanta el origami 🙂


Thanks for the giveaway! I’m making lots of insects these days.


Thank you for the Giveaway, I am planning to do some modern Origami (Kusudama).


Hi from over the ditch 🙂 I’m just getting started with origami and so glad I found your site


Thank you for having a giveaway for this book. I hear that it’s amazing. I have been wanting to do some tessellations, and this book will help a lot.


Hey! Thanks for the very information about these books! Very helpful. As you just posted your tutorial of the plant pots and mini succulent pots – these will be my next models. I am very interested in Tesselation as I am also engaged in drawing patterns (Zentangle).

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