Hello and welcome to the second issue of The Folded Corner!
My name is Chrissy, I’m the person behind Paper Kawaii.


The folded corner is a monthly online article featuring origami reviews, tutorials, giveaways, community photos, free printable origami paper, coupons/special offers and more! – For more info on how The Folded Corner started, refer back to the first issue.

This month, many people are starting to make decorations for Halloween, I myself do not celebrate it per se, Halloween is only just starting to become popular in Australia. Having said that, I love all of the spooky themed origami I see posted in October.

Want to submit an idea or suggest a specific item? Please see the bottom of the page for contact info and more information on how you can contribute to The Folded Corner.

OCTOBER Freebie!

Make some little trick-or-treat boxes or bags with this Halloween themed printable origami paper.

It’s covered in little Halloween bats, cats, pumpkins and moons!

Table Of Contents

book Reviews

In each issue of The Folded Corner, there will be up to 5 book reviews, any book recommendations are welcome, please see the bottom of the page to leave a comment or send a message. All books are either sent by companies or authors for free or these books are part of my collection.

1. Air and space origami by John szinger

where to buy

Air and Space Origami by John Szinger is available in many book shops, or buy online.

Air and Space Origami by John Szinger is a great gift for kids and adults who love all things sci-fi, space and airplane related!

I folded two of the models included to test them out, the ‘Jumbo Jet and ‘Space Shuttle’ models. The jumbo jet is one of the easier ones and the space shuttle appears to be the most advanced included. I would think kids below 8 or 9 would definitely need help to fold these.

The origami instructions are pretty easy to follow and understand. What’s nice about them is that there is some room left for interpretation. For example, my jumbo jets tail ended up different to what was intended!

Each model comes complete with a set of interesting facts about the vehicle as well as detailed step-by-step instructions showing you how to fold it.  Air and Space

Air and Space Origami by John Szinger Kit includes:

  • A colorful 64-page step-by-step origami instructions book
  • 14 exciting air and space origami projects
  • 48 sheets of custom designed folding paper
  • 185+ Stickers

All in all, this kit is a great gift option for kids and adults!

2. Amazing Origami For Children by Steve & Megumi Biddle

Amazing Origami For Children by Steve and Megumi Biddle is a wonderful staple book for all origami fans. I have had this book for many years.

This book was published in 1990, so it has the older, nicer (in my opinion) diagrams. The diagrams include little hand illustrations, making it a little easier to understand than usual.

The book has some really pretty full color photos in the middle that give you ideas on how to display the finished origami pieces. Predominantly each page is in black and white with blue accents.

I especially appreciate the clear contents page (photo to the left), listing the name of the mode and who designed it. There is one mistake- I’ve been informed that the ‘Blow Top’ on page 53 is not traditional, and should be credited to Robert E. Neale. Other than that, unlike some origami books that contain traditional models, they are listed as such.

This book would be helpful to those who would like to be/are teaching origami at a class for beginners or children. This is due to the continuations I mentioned before. The models are not just included at random, they are in somewhat of a sequence.

You will find many origami models that you have never seen before as well as some great classics.!

where to buy

Amazing Origami For Children by Steve & Megumi Biddle is available to buy online.
You can also check your library.

3. Learnigami – modular origami boxes by paper kawaii

^ The contents of the book (click to enlarge).

The third book I’ll be ‘reviewing’ is a little biased, as LEARNIGAMI – Modular Origami Boxes by Paper Kawaii is of course my own!

I’m sure no one will notice that this issue of The Folded Corner is a week late, this is due to me wanting to include this ebook here, as as I’m writing this, I have not yet taken photos of the final boxes (still not done finished..)!

This ebook includes diagrams for over 25 modular origami box and lid designs. There are video tutorials coving the process of the basic box and lid and a couple of the ‘pinwheel’ lids.

View the videos here

Once you have learned the two basic folding methods of the ‘modules’ the rest of the designs are continuations of and variations of that base sequence.

Some of the boxes are named by my friends on instagram and discord! Creating these origami boxes has been a little surreal as I only wanted to create one box to store my origami papers…
I did not expect to successfully create one box let alone over 25.

I ended up leaving the diagrams for a whole month so I would forget how they are folded, then I folded the boxes from the diagrams… found some error and corrected them! It’s harder to create diagrams for your own designs!


where to buy

LEARNIGAMI – Modular Origami Boxes by Paper Kawaii is currently only available to buy as an ebook in my online shop.


LEARNIGAMI - Modular Origami Boxes

This month I am giving away 3 copies of my new ebook. Information on what this ebook includes is listed above ^

The winners will be given a coupon allowing them to purchase the ebook for free on my shop 🙂


Some new origami paper I picked up at Daiso!

This month I picked up some new origami paper, it occurred to me that it might be interesting to include any origami paper that comes my way each month (sometimes none!).

We have two packs of origami paper from Daiso this time.

The first is ‘Double sided folding paper’, which includes 60 sheets of 12 colour combinations. I very much enjoyed using this paper.

It’s slightly shiny but the ink did not rub off at all. It’s thin but not as thin as the regular Aitoh origami papers I normally use.

Secondly, I picked up the ‘Design Paper’ in ‘Pastel Orokomon’. Honestly, I’m not a fan, mainly because the colours are quite muted. I prefer bright colours. The paper itself is quite soft, the ink did not rub off. You get 100 sheets of 5 different colour variations.

The photos below were not colour corrected or saturated at all.

Daiso Double Sided Origami Paper


Daiso 'design paper' 'pastel orokomon'

I am unable to find this origami paper online… 

folds from around the web

Here are three recent origami projects I came across in the last few months!

Standing Jack

Designer: Francesco Mancini
Teacher/Photo: Sara Adams

Baby Penguin

Designer: Yoo Tae Yong
Photo: J.W Park
Teacher: Malinda Huang

Jewel Click Beetle

Designer: Đỗ Anh Tú
Photo: P. Colman

Monthly Origami Challenge

Each month, 3 new origami models will be presented, you can fold one or more of these origami models and submit Your photos!

You can post your photo(s) on facebook or instagram with the hashtag #thefoldedcorner or join the Discord community chat and post them there.
Each month, depending on how many photos are submitted, a selection will be featured in the new issue of The Folded Corner.

October 2018 challenge models:

1️⃣ Post-It Note Cat Bookmarks (Jenny W. Chan – Origami Tree)
Difficulty: Simple

2️⃣ Origami Batty Bat (Paper Kawaii)
Difficulty: Intermediate

3️⃣ ORIGAMI SQUIRREL (Jo Nakashima)
Difficulty: Advanced

If you have a specific origami model you’d like to see as part of The Folded Corner’s Monthly Origami Challenge, please feel free to suggest it in the comments of this post, suggest on Facbeook/Discord or send us an email.

❗️NOTE: The origami models MUST list the designer of the model, the instructions/diagram/video MUST have been created by or with the original creators permission. 

shop / diagrams

All diagrams in the shop are $1. More coming soon!

origami prism box diagram

origami stepper box diagram

origami diamond diagram

origami flip top box diagram

recent tutorials

Origami Compass Rose Star Tutorial

Learn how to make an origami compass rose star. It’s easy to make from 1 sheet of square paper. With a flower on the front and a square at the back of the star, it looks nice on both sides.

read more

Instagram Feed

coupons & offers

Tuttle Paper @ New South Books Australia


Get 20% off Tuttle origami paper at New South Books. Valid within Australia & New Zealand only. 

Use Code KAWAII20

Get 10% off your order by using the code KAWAIILOVE at checkout.

subscriber discount

When you subscribe to the Paper Kawaii newsletter, you will receive some coupons for the shop.

Learnigami – 50% off
All Origami Paper Pack – 50% off
Printable Paper Gems – 20% off


Written by Chrissy Pk

We hope you enjoyed the second instalment of The Folded Corner! We are always very happy to receive any feedback, suggestions or corrections. Please leave a comment below, or use the email form next to this text to send a message to us. We are looking for occasional guest posters for The Folded Corner, so if you are interested we would love to hear from you as well.

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  1. Xrizzy

    I love your work. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Rosario Rodriguez Peral

    Me encantan las cajas!!

  3. Jenn

    I just started making boxes and they are so fun! I would use them for gift boxes and to store little trinkets in.

  4. Antonella

    I love origami and I’m slowly getting better at it! Giveaways are so fun. Antonella

  5. Denise Miller

    I love to do origami. like to make bigger boxes if there is a pattern available. 6 to 8″ would be perfect.

  6. LadyD

    I need a six-inch square box to store my origami paper, so once I manage to complete a box that size it will be used immediately.

  7. Michael Lai

    Love the newsletters so please keep them coming! Do you know the people at Sydney Origami inc. (

    I have been teaching origami classes to help people with their mental health and well-being, and your website is a great resource for teaching and learning 🙂

  8. blvsh

    I love origami and I’m slowly getting better at it! Giveaways are so fun~ Good luck to everyone joining c:

  9. Luna Dara Kelondra

    I really enjoy your website and videos! I have used many of your patterns with the kids in my origami club. They had a ball with your Halloween patterns last year. It really set the mood for the holiday. Everyone went home with a Jack-o-lantern wearing a witch’s hat to decorate their homes with.

    Thank you for all your hard work!!

  10. RuthAnn

    Aww this is is so neat and cute!! Love your stuff Chrissy! ❤❤❤

  11. Susan

    I like them all. My favorite is the Pinwheel Flower Head. I already make little boxes like the basic modular box. At Christmas, I make a bunch of them and put candy in them and hand them out to people I meet.

  12. Hayley

    Oh my! Look at that baby penguin🐧I will definitely have to try that one. I quite like the pastel okoromon design paper but I agree that the colours are quite muted. Love Issue 2 of The Folded Corner! Looking forward to issue 3 😁

  13. Packetron

    I love the 4 -color pinwheel-pattern box in your email announcing the second issue of The Folded Corner. It would be great to learn to fold that box!

  14. joan

    What an interesting topic! Would love to learn more about this folding!

  15. Christina H

    The boxes would be great for small gifts, or even in Halloween colors to fill with candy!

  16. Abracadebra

    Gift boxes!

  17. Carolyn

    I would use a beautiful red and gold box to hold a mini notecard and a pair of earrings for a special gift. Keep up the good work, love your posts and videos!

  18. Wing

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    Amazing! I love your easy to follow instructions and wonderful creations

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  22. Ann Pyper

    These look like fun boxes to make and receive

  23. Dian

    I love to teach children how to make boxes. They are always amazed that they can make something so cool. I also love to make boxes to give away my handmade beadwork.

  24. Claire Lux

    I love origami. I was taught by a 90 year old Japanese-American about 3 years ago. I meet with 3 other ladies twice a month (one of whom is 91) and we share different projects to work on together. I love to leave a piece of origami with the tip for our server whenever we dine out. I really enjoy your origami tutorials.

  25. Mary

    I ❤ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 ❣ 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💝 this!!!!!

  26. Mary


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    For me you are so impossible to ignore. I love sooooo much of your stunning, brilliant and beautiful creations. keep it up.

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    Been around since Paper Kawaii was just starting out! So proud of how far you’ve come. Love love love your work!!!!

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    I hope to win this time plz zzz I need this giveaway plz plz 🙂

  30. Amna

    I am obssessd with your origami I have learned so much from you I show your channel to my friend and they loved it they are beginners I almost show my 13 friends your channel and they loved it
    I love your work😍👌

  31. Ms. Michaels Mary Kay

    I have birthday gifts for my bff and I could make absolutely adorable origami gift boxes to hold some of her gifts.

  32. Norine Hisashima

    I enjoy learning new origami. Some are challenging but having the video showing the steps makes it easier to follow along. Thanks so much for doing that, it helps.

  33. Joy Boland

    I love your work!

  34. Oakley

    Great website and resources! I plan to spend more time here. 🙂

  35. Viridiana

    This website taught me a lot of thing and ideas for making my own origami! Love you Chrissy

  36. Christina

    I love your website and your videos! They’re so easy to follow! 🙂

  37. Douglas Gennetten

    New to folded corner. Looks very nice!

  38. Charlene

    I love her origami videos and instructions. Very easy to follow and make some beautiful things!

  39. Aurelia

    I think boxes where one of the first projects that really drew me into origami. Excited to learn more if I win the giveaway.

  40. Aurelia

    Love the new folded corner. Your newsletters are always a bright spot in my inbox.

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    Very impressed with the new format. The Folded Corner is way cool and useful. Cheers from Georgia USA

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    Always Beautiful ideas!
    Merci 😀

  43. María Elena Corrales

    Hacer cada modelo experimentas el placer de crear una piezá única

  44. Nancy Akerly

    Terrific work! Creating origami I diagrams that ar easy to follow is extremely difficult, yet you do it so well!

  45. Claudia P.

    Your work is amazing! And I love boxes! It would be great if I could get your new book 😊

  46. Enny

    Your tutorials are so amazing! I really love your designs and hope to win.

  47. Natalie

    I’ve been doing origami since I was 6 then I stopped doing it for a while. I found your website and now I’ve gotten back into origami

  48. Cristina Coroiu

    I just love all the designs created by Paper Kawaii. They are just so amazing. I have to admit that I haven’t folded boxes in a long time, but this book will be a great way to restart. Plus Christmas is not so far away.

  49. Angela

    I love boxes! I would especially like to learn to fold the lid with the smaller box in white on top. Here’s hoping to win a free copy!


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