ISSUE NO. 6, July 2019


Hello and welcome to the sixth issue of The Folded Corner! My name is Chrissy, I’m the person behind Paper Kawaii.


The folded corner is a monthly* online article featuring origami reviews, tutorials, giveaways, community photos, free printable origami paper, coupons/special offers and more!


So I didn’t manage to post last month, and instead of giving reasons I’ll just get on with what’s happening this month 🙂

My friend over at New South Books has kindly sent quite a lot of origami and papercraft books my way, those will be reviewed over the next few issues (there’s loads!).

These past few weeks I also acquired a bunch of new origami papers and a few tools too. I’ve also even gotten some new storage boxes to keep origami models safe. I had a depressing situation in which I realised that an entire packing box of my origami models was either thrown away or accidentally donated.

Those models were from years ago, and kind of special.. ah well. I have the photos of them at least. So not wanting that to ever happen again, I re-organised, downscaled, categorised every origami model that I’ve kept.

The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

July Freebie!

This month’s free printable is a pack of printable origami papers with gem patterns!

Table Of Contents

I also set up a new membership for my online shop, thanks to those of you that have already joined, I have already started on the next diagram and just posted a new set of printable paper craft templates

With all that said, hope you enjoy reading through!  

book Reviews

In each issue of The Folded Corner, there will be up to 5 book reviews, any book recommendations are welcome, please see the bottom of the page to leave a comment or send a message. All books are either sent by companies or authors or the books are part of my collection.

1. “Super Cute Origami” by Yuki Martin

The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

where to buy

“Super Cute Origami” by Yuki Martin is available to buy online and various stores.

“Super Cute Origami” by Yuki Martin is super adorable kit which includes a pack of 48 origami papers, cute stickers, sequins, rhinestones, pearls and a roll of lace washi tape.   

Kids of all ages will love this super cute collection of easy origami crafts that can be customized in endless ways. Follow chibi manga mascots Kami Kami and Orihime as they show you how to fold up the models, and then how to personalize them in thousands of ways. The possibilities are limitless!” – Tuttle 

The lucky cat model, which is a modular design that you assemble together and then decorate is definitely my favourite. You can see a photo of the lucky cat to the left (or above on mobile). The cute nesting dolls also look so fun. 

I think this origami kit is the perfect gift for those just starting out with origami, I would rate all of the models as easy. It could be something you get for a child and then you can both make the models together. I can see these origami models being great greeting cards decorations.

The little book includes nice, clear diagrams and is easy to follow. There are text descriptions under each step too. I really love the cute illustrations that appear throughout the book. There are 10 origami projects in total. 

I am also in love with the little pearl stickers, I haven’t seen those before, I feel like I might start decorating origami models a bit more in future, It’s really fun.

The pack of origami paper has some really nice colours included. I haven’t tried the lace washi tape yet but that looks really neat as well. 

The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

2. “Japanese Paper Flowers” by Hiromi Yamazaki

The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

where to buy

“Japanese Paper Flowers” by Hiromi Yamazaki is available to buy online and in many bookshops.

“Japanese Paper Flowers” by Hiromi Yamazaki is a beautiful full colour instruction manual on kirigami flowers. 

Kirigami is the art of cutting paper, although as far as I know, nowadays these paper flowers would be considered paper craft. 

There are 32 paper flower projects included. Each project has a template in the back of the book that you will trace and then use to get the shape of the petals exactly right. 

There are some supplies that you’ll need to make them. At a bare minimum: paper/card, scissors or other cutting tool, something rounded to curl petals, pencil and some glue. 

I was a little nervous to make one of these flowers as they look much harder than they are. I’d even go so far as to say they are extremely easy to make. Much easier than origami! 

I chose the peony flower, I have to say I’m quite happy with it. I would like to make a larger one, I’m assuming I can take a photo of the template on my phone, size it up and then print out. 

The paper I used was thick, all I didn’t have was the wire for the stem, I will look out for some next time I go to the shops.  Cutting out each individual layer of the flower was a little tedious and my hand hurt afterwards. I must need to use much sharper scissors.

All of the first 35 pages of the book are full of pretty photographs, examples of how you can arrange the flowers and different uses such as bookmarks, photo frames, magnets and wreath arrangements. 

If you were to give this book as a gift, I think you could make it extra special by including some nice paper, wire stems etc; that will give the person no good reason not to start making them straight away.



The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

3. “Origami Galaxy For Kids” by Rita Foelker

The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

“Origami Galaxy For Kids” by Rita Foelker is a fun little kit especially great for children ( kids). It includes a full colour origami booklet, 48 sheets of large origami paper and even a poster!

The booklet has 12 origami projects in total. Two of the models have special origami paper included. The paper is nice, its thin, matte and easy to fold. 

The foldout poster is a nice addition, one side has some information about the galaxy, planets and the big bang; the other side is bright yellow with aliens!

I chose the space rocket to test out. I had no trouble folding it, the matching origami paper made it especially easy as it has seams that help with the positioning of the folds.

One slight nitpick I have about this book is that I see a few of these models are traditional, I really would appreciate it if these books stated which ones are traditional and which aren’t.

where to buy

“Origami Galaxy For Kids” by Rita Foelker is available to buy online.

The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii


The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

"Super Cute Origami" by Yuki Martin

A lucky winner will be sent a copy. This giveaway is open internationally, to where Amazon ships to, including Australia & NZ. View on Amazon Books

Giveaway ends 18th August 2019

Subscription Box Review

The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

DOKI DOKI box by japan crate

Japan Crate sent me their super adorable “DOKI DOKI” box to check out! It doesn’t have any stationery items included this time, but there often are apparently, and it’s Kawaii so I thought it would be interesting to see what’s in one of these subscription boxes.

Ok, so first out of the box was the shark and I have to say I melted a bit about this rainbow/pastel shark. It’s so soft and really well made actually.

A lot (if not all) of these items are a recognisable brand, some of them I’m not familiar with.  After somewhat getting over the cuteness of the shark, I spotted Kirby, a Kirby lamp! I found some batteries for it straight away. It’s a very cute and useful night light.

Starting to see a pattern here, after seeing a pink towel with little characters on it and a sleeping eye mask. The last thing out was a zipper bag with My Melody to keep the items in. Can’t say I have many sleepovers anymore but if I were to, all of this would come.  ?


Some new origami paper I picked up this month!

The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

Tuttle 'CANDY' Origami paper

The first set of origami paper I grabbed this month was candy patterns origami paper from Tuttle. 

The size of the paper is 15 x 15 cm and there are 12 different patterns included.  I chose the 7 designs that I liked best for the photo on the left. The colour of these papers is very very bright and saturated! 

The back of the papers are various bright colours. As with most packs of origami paper, there are a few designs I don’t particularly like. 

With 200 sheets included it’s very good value for money!

I chose to fold an origami box to test this paper, you can see a photo of the finished model a bit further down the page.  

The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

Daiso Disney Origami Papers

Whilst in Daiso last, I picked up these packs of Disney themed origami papers. We have Princess, Mickey Mouse and Winnie The Pooh. Again, I selected the patterns I liked the most for the photo. 

Some of the paper is textured and some is thin and a little shiny. Have to say I like almost all of the designs. 

My favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, couldn’t find a pack with the beast, though. 

 I folded an origami envelope with this paper, again check that out a bit further down, I absolutely love this origami paper. I wonder if it will still be in Daiso. 

I could not find this paper to buy online. If you have a Daiso where you live, they might have it. I saw some on Ebay actually.

The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

Daiso 'Animal' Origami Paper

I picked up 2 packs of this adorable origami paper. You get 60 sheets of 4 designs. There is bunnies, birds, cats and dogs. The design of the little bunnies and birds is absolutely the cutest… 

These papers were amongst other cherry blossom themed items, not in the origami paper section. I’m assuming a special seasonal thing. 

The paper is thin, 15 x 15 cm, and a little shiny, with color on the back. 

Last time I mentioned that they needed to stock more origami paper, and they did, it’s soo much.. I maybe have about 10 more packs that I want to try out.. sigh

I could not find this paper to buy online anywhere. If you have a Daiso where you live, they might have it.

The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

1st box is a modified masu box, second box is the stacking boxes, the envelope is included in my book Kawaii Origami, it’s based on the traditional origami envelope. Have to say my favourite paper is the Disney designs.

The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

paper tools

Lastly, I ordered a couple tool type items! 

The white scoring tools, I got from here. They are a little shorter the I expected but that didn’t affect the usage of them. With all of the different sized tips, you can create precise crease lines on different weights and textures of paper. 

I put a sticker on the one I found the best size for my paper. They are called an “Embossing Stylus”. The one I was previously using is the Cricut one, which was a little inaccurate.

 And the second tool I wanted to order was more of the leaves.. folding leaf. It’s not made specifically as a folding tool, but it’s my favourite out of all I’ve tried. I don’t really know why but the look of it is really appealing to me. I am thinking of selling them in my shop at some point. 

shop / diagrams

Kawaii Origami book

Kawaii Origami, my first published book is now available!

20 Printable geometric paper craft templates. 

LEARNIGAMI Modular origami boxes

Learn how to fold more than 25 origami boxes. 

recent tutorials

The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

Origami Accordion Easter Egg Tutorial

These origami easter eggs are made using accordion folds. These origami eggs are a nice springtime ornament, hang them up as Easter decorations or make pop-up cards with these paper eggs.

read more
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

2 Sided Origami Pinwheel Tutorial

Learn how to make a special origami pinwheel with a pinwheel on both sides. It will spin in both directions! Made from 1 sheet of square paper, no glue or cutting required.

read more
The Folded Corner - Issue No.6 - July 2019 via @paper_kawaii

Origami Stacking Spice Boxes Tutorial

Learn how to make a set of stackable origami boxes. These square origami boxes are made from 1 sheet of paper, no glue is required. Makes a great gift box or useful organisation for stationery or jewellery.

read more

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coupons & offers

Tuttle @ New South Books Australia

Get 20% off Tuttle origami paper at New South Books. Valid within Australia & New Zealand only. 

Use Code KAWAII20

Get 10% off your order by using the code KAWAIILOVE at checkout.

subscriber discount

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Written by Chrissy Pushkin

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