Yumi Twins Kawaii Box Review via @paper_kawaii
Yumi Twins Kawaii Box Review via @paper_kawaii

Yume Twins is a monthly subscription box featuring cute and kawaii items from Japan. They sent me one of their boxes to review and giveaway!

I have to say, this is one of very few subscription boxes that I’ve really liked ALL of the items. Instead of just one or two items that appeal to me, they all do. Even the cork place mat.

First item out of the box was the pink fluffy hat – it has ears!. And you can make the ears stick up by squeezing the ‘paws’.. yes that is a thing apparently. The pink hat is big enough to fit any size but my daughter is the one wearing it in the photo below.

Yumi Twins Kawaii Box Review via @paper_kawaii

It’s a really cute hat, very well made (though I’ve never seen one like this so wouldn’t really know).

Reluctantly moving on from the hat, the second item out of the box was this adorable Rilakkuma bowl. I love Rilakkuma, I used to post their desktop wallpapers on the website years ago. The bowl is plastic but not cheap and has a crystal texture. Very sweet for serving little snacks!

Yumi Twins Kawaii Box Review via @paper_kawaii

After that there was the small tupperware container with cherry blossoms on the lid. Very useful for lunchboxes or to store whatever you like.

The most random item has to be the sakura shaped kitchen sponges. I mean who in their right mind would actually use these and ruin a perfect cherry blossom shaped sponge? Not me. No, I would use these as decorations or at the very most, stamps for painting.

The only paper item in the box is a letter set. The character I don’t recognise is “Tuxedosam – a roll poly penguin who loves to eat”… There are some little stickers in there to secure the envelopes too. These are very high quality and I am tempted to fold some origami with the letters themselves and put them in the envelopes and send them to friends and family…

Yumi Twins Kawaii Box Review via @paper_kawaii

Last two items, a Hello Kitty keychain and a little Sumikko Gurashi cork placemat. The keychain is made of plastic and has iridescent stars inside. It’s really nice but is probably my least favourite item out of them all, I’ve seen cuter ones.

The Sumikko Gurashi mat is unusual, because I can’t find them online, I would like to buy some as this one is very lonely here.. Will I use it as a placemat for a drink? No… that would be insane. It needs to remain perfectly clean..

Yumi Twins Kawaii Box Review via @paper_kawaii
Yumi Twins Kawaii Box Review via @paper_kawaii

This kawaii box from Yume Twins seems to be a little cherry blossom themed this time, I wonder what the next one has in it…

Based on what I received in this box, I would say for the price, the items you receive would cost more on their own, and it’s definitely a way to check out some stuff you might not even know exists.. the world of placemats is.. scary 😉 I would think that hat on it’s own would be about $30.

If you’d like to order a box from Yume Twins, you can visit the link below.

Please note: I was not paid for this review. The box was gifted to me by Yume Twins in return for an honest review. The link above is an affiliate link, which means I might earn a small commission if you purchase a box.


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