About the origami designs on this website.

Throughout my website you will see ‘Design: (person’s name). If the design is mine (Paper Kawaii), this means that I came up with the design on my own. However I know that it’s completely possible for others to have already discovered the models, especially the more ‘simple’ origami models that you see on my website.

If you have found this design yourself too and if found after me, *feel free to say you have discovered it* but mention any others who have also discovered the model first (and get permission before making any tutorial or diagram). If you found the model first and have a problem with my tutorial or would like to be mentioned please email me here.

When someone comes up with a model themselves, even a relatively simple design, it’s pretty obvious because the folding process will be different, if it’s exactly the same, then it’s usually been learnt from the original tutorial.

* I am all for the sharing of my origami models and I know a few other creators who feel the same way, however there are many origami creators who will not tolerate or accept that new people also discover the origami models, so this information is just for my models, not other creators models.

Getting Permission to Re-create Tutorials.

PleaseΒ email me hereΒ if you would like to re-create any of my origami tutorials or for any use of my content including diagrams or photographs. Please make sure you get permission, I do not bite! I do not appreciate it when people create tutorials of my designs especially when no credit is given. Any videos that are re-uploaded will receive copyright strikes on YouTube and your account will be left in bad standing if not shut down completely, so don’t do that.

Selling origami models in your online/market/shop.

If the design is listed as mine (Paper Kawaii) then I do not mind if you want to sell the model (just the physical model). Please mention in your product info where you learnt to create it, listing my website (paperkawaii.com) would be much appreciated. If the model is listed as traditional, there is no issue and no need to credit anyone. If it’s not my model or it’s a modification of someone else’s model, you would need to contact that person.

Origami models that I did not get permission to make.

When I first started this website I no idea about origami copyright, in fact I didn’t care as I was young and didn’t understand. There are still a few tutorials which remain from that time. I have done my best to credit the original creator and have removed a number of tutorials for which I couldn’t find one. If you are the designer of any model on this website and you are taking an issue with it being here, or would like the information changed or updated, pleaseΒ email me here. Please understand that I had no malice or intention to ‘steal’ anyone’s design. I want my content to be legitimate and not offend anyone.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, for more information on origami copyright, please see Origami USA’s website which has extensive (if not a bit confusing) copyright info. Sara Adams also wrote a very good article about getting permission and why you should not because of copyright but because it’s the right thing to do.