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Permission is not granted to take photos of Paper Kawaii’s models and submit them to stock photo websites to make profit. Any of these photos will be reported and you would risk loosing your stock photo account.

Throughout this website you will see ‘Design: (person’s name)’. If the design is Paper Kawaii, this means that the design belongs to Paper Kawaii.

If you have found this design yourself too, *feel free to say you have discovered it, but mention who else has also discovered the model first (and get permission before making any tutorial or diagram).

When someone comes up with a model themselves, even a relatively simple design, the folding process will always be different, if it’s exactly the same, then it’s pretty obvious that it’s been learnt from the original tutorial.

* this information is just for Paper Kawaii’s models, not other designers/creators models.

Getting Permission To Re-Create Tutorials

Please email us here if you would like to re-create any of the origami tutorials on Paper Kawaii or for any use of the content including diagrams or photographs. 

It is not appreciated when people create tutorials of copyright protected designs especially when no credit is given. Any videos that are re-uploaded will receive copyright strikes on YouTube and your account may be shut down.

Teachers Can Teach Paper Kawaii’s Models

If you are a teacher at a school, or are conducting some other kind of class, please feel free to teach any models that are listed as: Copyright: Paper Kawaii.

You have permission from Paper Kawaii to teach these models along with any diagram that is available on or

Please include info, links and attribution.

Building upon/ model variations

It is totally fine to build upon, change, modify, re-work, make better, add to, make variations of any of the designs featured as belonging to Paper Kawaii. Such modifications will become your own design if they are different enough.

Mentioning the origin of your modification is not only appreciated and honest, it lets others do the same and spreads origami more freely world-wide. Your modification should have very noticeable differences in the final result and the process. Changing one step is obviously not enough.

Selling Origami Models In Your Online/Market/Shop

If the design is listed as Paper Kawaii then you have permission sell the origami model – just the physical model. Please mention in your product info where you learnt to create it, listing this website ( would be much appreciated. If the model is listed as traditional, there is no issue and no need to credit anyone. If it’s someone else’s model, you would need to contact that person.

Copyright MISTAKES

The best effort has been made to correctly credit the original designer of every origami model mentioned/featured on this website, however it’s possible that some information is not correct.

If you are the designer of any model on this website and you wish the content to be changed or updated, please email us here.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, for more information on origami copyright, please see Origami USA’s website which has extensive (if not a bit confusing) copyright info. Sara Adams also wrote a very good article about getting permission and why you should not because of copyright but because it’s the right thing to do. 

Recent Posts

origami diamond divider box tutorial paper kawaii 05
Origami Diamond Divider Box Tutorial - 5 Sections
August 27, 2021
An origami box with 5 sections. The diamond divider box is a box fitted with 4 gem shaped boxes and a square in the middle. No glue required.
Mini Origami Pot Plants Tutorial - Make Cute Paper Houseplants
May 22, 2021
Learn how to make a mini origami pot plant with this step by step tutorial. Miniature origami houseplants make great desk decor & gifts.
geometric origami box pot tutorial paper kawaii 03
Geometric Origami Pot / Box Tutorial - Verdi's Vase Variation
May 16, 2021
In this tutorial you can learn how to make a pretty geometric origami pot or box. This unique popup box is make from 1 sheet of square paper, no glue or scissors required…
origami accordion easter eggs tutorial paper kawaii 03
Origami Accordion Easter Egg Tutorial
March 27, 2020
These origami easter eggs are made using accordion folds. These origami eggs are a nice springtime ornament, hang them up as decorations.
origami christmas tree envelope book tutorial paper kawaii 05
Origami Christmas Tree Envelope Tutorial & Gift Book
December 18, 2019
These easy origami envelopes or pockets are perfect to write Xmas messages or give money, gift cards or even tea. No glue required.
the super cute book of kawaii marceline smith review paper kawaii 03
The Super Cute Book Of Kawaii by Marceline Smith Review
December 17, 2019
What's in The Super Cute Book Of Kawaii? Find out how you can incorporate kawaii into your life with this adorable handbook on all things cute.
origami 3d christmas tree tutorial paper kawaii 03
3D Origami Christmas Tree Tutorial - Accordion Folding
December 3, 2019
How to fold a 3D origami Christmas tree. This origami tree sits inside a pot, decorate with a star on top or other kinds of Xmas decorations.
origami pumpkin box tutorial paper kawaii 01
Origami Pumpkin Box Tutorial
October 20, 2019
Make an origami pumpkin box. This Halloween gift box is perfect to put your candy corns in. Made from just 2 sheets of square paper.
origami double pinwheel tutorial paper kawaii 03
Origami Pinwheel Tutorial - 2 Sided
August 18, 2019
How to make a special origami pinwheel with a pinwheel on both sides. It will spin in both directions. Made from 1 sheet of square paper.
origami stacking spice box tutorial paper kawaii 03 1
Origami Stacking Box Tutorial - Spice Boxes
August 15, 2019
Learn how to make a set of stackable origami boxes. These square origami boxes are made from 1 sheet of paper, no glue is required.
origami honeycomb box tutorial paper kawaii 04
Origami Honeycomb Box Tutorial - Round Divider
July 7, 2019
An origami honeycomb box. Use this 7 to 9 section round origami organiser box to display jewellery, stationery or makeup. No glue required.
origami octagonal box tutorial paper kawaii 01
Octagonal Origami Gift Box Tutorial
June 28, 2019
Learn how to make an 8 sided octagonal origami gift box with star lid. Both the lid and box are made with 1 sheet of paper, no glue required.
origami hexagonal box tutorial paper kawaii 02
Origami Hexagonal Gift Box Tutorial
June 20, 2019
Learn how to make a 6 sided origami hexagonal gift box. Using 1 sheet of paper for each the box & lid, customise the top of the lid.
origami tray divider tutorial paper kawaii 07
Rectangular Origami Box Divider Tutorial - 3 Versions
June 15, 2019
Learn how to fold 3 versions of this rectangular origami box divider. Make a divider with 4, 6 or 14 sections. No glue required.
origami easter egg box tutorial paper kawaii 05
Origami Easter Egg Gift Box Tutorial
April 18, 2019
Learn how to fold an origami box in the shape of an egg. This openable origami egg is a great gift box at Easter. Each box made with 1 sheet.
origami easter decoration tutorial paper kawaii 04
Origami Egg Tutorial for Easter
April 18, 2019
Make a pretty origami egg decoration for Easter. This origami egg is made with just one sheet of square paper, no glue or cuts required.
kawaii origami book paper kawaii 04
Kawaii Origami – Super Cute Origami Projects For Easy Folding Fun
April 2, 2019
I'm pleased to present my first origami book - 'Kawaii Origami', which includes over 25 cute origami projects ranging from easy to advanced.
origami tray tutorial paper kawaii 01
Origami Long Tray Tutorial - Box With Handles
March 22, 2019
A long origami tray to keep pens, pencils or other items. This long origami box has handles on either side. It's easy & no glue is needed.
origami pokeball box tutorial paper kawaii 01
Origami Pokeball Box Tutorial
March 17, 2019
An origami box that looks like a Pokeball on top. This octagonal origami gift box and lid is perfect for Pokemon and Pokemon Go fans.
magic origami spring toy paper kawaii 01
Magic Origami Spring Toy Tutorial - Salman Ebrahimi
March 6, 2019
Learn how to make a fun magic origami spring toy. This accordion type origami gadget is addictive to play with, impress your friends!
origami succulent plant tutorial paper kawaii 04
Mini Origami Succulent Plants Tutorial
February 25, 2019
Learn how to make an origami succulent. Origami plants make perfect gifts, your friends will love them. No cutting or glue required.

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