Origami Diagrams

Origami ICE CREAM Diagram

Learn how to make a pretty 3D origami Ice-Cream and stand. This origami diagram is to be included in a future LEARNIGAMI issue.

Origami FLIP-TOP BOX Diagram

Learn how to make an origami flip-top box. This origami box has a hinged lid. It is intermediate level. 

Origami Layered Bow Diagram


This double origami bow is very easy to make from a long strip of paper. Great to decorate cards, as jewellery or to decorate gifts.

Origami Mini Book Diagram

Make some cute mini origami books!



This is my first ebook. The plan is to release new ones yearly. It’s also available as a printed book.

Origami Sakura Diagram


Learn how to make a traditional origami Sakura flower or cherry blossom flower! These are so cute as decorations!

Origami Lucky Star Diagram


Learn how to make a Traditional Origami Lucky Star, these little origami stars are made with strips of paper, easy to make!

These diagrams are for personal use only.

Recent Posts:

Origami Star Bowl Tutorial (Masoud Hosseini)

Make a pretty origami star that can be used as a bowl. This layered origami five point star is made from one sheet of paper and is easier than you would think.Β You can use this as a little bowl or hang it up as a decoration.Β 

Origami Frame Box Tutorial – Wide Rimmed Box

These are the instructions on how to make an origami frame box! You can stand these boxes up and use them as picture frames for your photos or art, or use them as pretty display boxes. They are great to use as shadow boxes too! Made from 1 sheet of square paper, no glue required.

Origami Planter Pot Box Tutorial

These are the instructions on how to make a wide rimmed origami planer pot box. Made with 1 sheet of square paper, no glue required. It’s perfect to use as a little plant pot for paper flowers or the origami cactus. It’s also a lovely display box.

Origami Pinwheel Flower Bowl Tutorial

Learn how to make a pretty origami flower bowl or tulip, this origami flower has a pinwheel design on the inside. Can be used as a little origami bowl for sweets or keep other items displayed inside. Made from 1 sheet of square paper.

Two Sectioned Origami Tray / Box Tutorial

Make a pretty & useful two sectioned origami tray. This divided origami box has a handle in the middle, so it looks like a toolbox! ThereΒ are 2 versions to make, the 1st has a two coloured look, the 2nd has a single color & you can also stack them, as they slot together!

Origami Long Hinged Gift Box Tutorial – Pencil Box

Learn how to make a long version of the hinged origami gift box. This origami hinged gift box is made from two sheets of square paper. It’s great to use as an origami pencil box, keep makeup or jewellery in them too.

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  1. Kendra O'Malley

    So, I’ve tried to make an origami leaf with your video, but i got stuck a little less than halfway through. Is there any diagrams for it instead?

  2. Reid

    I want a paper rabbit tutorial! a NON-traditional one!

  3. Joan

    I meant the twinkle star!

  4. Joan

    More diagrams? can’t take you tube with me to class πŸ™‚ Need things to keep me busy while just sitting with student and being bored. I like the puffy star – would like to see diagram for that. Thanks!

  5. Carol

    Great website and youtube videos! I love to teach and share!

  6. Chloe

    Some of them are a bit harder than it says they are. Other than that brilliant !!!

  7. Yuka

    I think it’s awesome to be able to make your own origami book!

  8. Samuel nunes


  9. Xotiq

    A little too simple…I’m looking for something more challenging

    • Maximoon

      I challenge you!

  10. devid

    nice and simple, thanks πŸ™‚

  11. devid

    nice and so simple, thanks πŸ™‚

  12. stella

    i love the card holder and albatros!!!!
    they are so cute πŸ™‚

    • Chrissy Pk

      Thanks Stella! πŸ’—

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