Origami Hinged Prism Box Diagram

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

The origami hinged prism gift box is easy to make, made with 2 sheets of rectangular paper, no glue required.

Origami Diamond Box Diagram

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

Diamond shaped origami box and lid. Easy to follow full color diagram and printable templates.

Origami ICE CREAM Diagram

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

Learn how to make a pretty 3D origami Ice-Cream and stand.

Origami FLIP-TOP BOX Diagram

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

Learn how to make an origami flip-top box. This origami box has a hinged lid. Intermediate level.

Origami Secret Stepper Box Diagram

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

The origami secret stepper box is easy to make, made with 4-5 sheets of paper.

Origami Diamonds Diagram

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

This origami diamonds are made from 1 sheet of paper. 2 versions are demonstrated in the diagram.

Origami Lucky Star Diagram

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

Learn how to make a Traditional Origami Lucky Star, these little origami stars are made with strips of paper, easy to make!

Origami Layered Bow Diagram

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

This double origami bow is very easy to make from a long strip of paper.


Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

ISSUE 2 – Modular origami boxes

More than 25 diagrams showing you how to make a selection of origami boxes. 


Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii


This is my first ebook which contains 27 origami models ranging in difficulty.

Origami Mini Book Diagram

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

Make some cute mini origami books!

Origami Sakura Diagram

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

Learn how to make a traditional origami Sakura flower or cherry blossom flower! These are so cute as decorations!


These diagrams are for personal use only.

Recent Posts:

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

2 Sided Origami Pinwheel Tutorial

Learn how to make a special origami pinwheel with a pinwheel on both sides. It will spin in both directions! Made from 1 sheet of square paper, no glue or cutting required.

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

Origami Stacking Spice Boxes Tutorial

Learn how to make a set of stackable origami boxes. These square origami boxes are made from 1 sheet of paper, no glue is required. Makes a great gift box or useful organisation for stationery or jewellery.

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

The Folded Corner – July 2019

Read reviews of Super Cute Origami by Yuki Martin, Japanese Paper Flowers by Hiromi Yamazaki, Origami Galaxy For Kids by Rita Foelker and more!

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

Origami Honeycomb Box Tutorial

Learn how to make an origami honeycomb box. This 7 to 9 section, round origami organiser box is great to display items such as jewellery, stationery or makeup.

Origami Diagrams via @paper_kawaii

Octagonal Origami Box Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to make an 8 sided octagonal origami gift box. Both the lid and box are made with 1 sheet of paper, no glue required.


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Your videos are so clear. I didn’t understand one of your videos for the Sakura flowers though because they used a different technique to the diagram but I think everything is great


I believe that this website is very interesting and useful for all the origami lovers around the world. Paper kawaii’s website has not only cute creations but a wonderful website layout, making the page seem welcoming and calm. I really like how they have shown how hard each project is so that all users can relate to there capabilities. Even if I do not download or buy everything I still believe that simply just browsing through this site makes me very happy and intrigued.

I would say that the only thing that really needs changing are the videos as some do not match with the diagrams. It isn’t that big of a deal though because it doesn’t affect me at least (dunno about the other viewers though).

Apart from that, so far I don’t believe anything needs fixing or extra work on.

Great work, I really enjoy browsing through this website and learning new things!


Pls ignore my complaint. It was a different video

Kendra O'Malley

So, I’ve tried to make an origami leaf with your video, but i got stuck a little less than halfway through. Is there any diagrams for it instead?


I want a paper rabbit tutorial! a NON-traditional one!


and I want one million bucks.


I meant the twinkle star!


More diagrams? can’t take you tube with me to class 🙂 Need things to keep me busy while just sitting with student and being bored. I like the puffy star – would like to see diagram for that. Thanks!


Great website and youtube videos! I love to teach and share!


Some of them are a bit harder than it says they are. Other than that brilliant !!!


I think it’s awesome to be able to make your own origami book!




A little too simple…I’m looking for something more challenging


I challenge you!


nice and simple, thanks 🙂


nice and so simple, thanks 🙂


i love the card holder and albatros!!!!

they are so cute 🙂


Thanks Stella! 💗

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