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origami 8 point star tato variation tutorial paper kawaii 04
Origami Compass Star Tato Variation Tutorial
December 19, 2018
Make a pretty origami compass star tato. This is a variation of the traditional origami 8 point star tato. Made from 1 sheet of square paper.
origami octagonal tato tutorial paper kawaii 01
Origami Star Tato With 8 Points - Tutorial
December 19, 2018
An octagonal origami star tato with an 8 point star design on the front. These origami tatos look great as hanging decorations or coasters.
origami placemats tutorial paper kawaii 01
Origami Woven Paper Mats Tutorial
January 23, 2018
Learn how to make origami weaved paper mats, use them for display or as real placemats or coasters. You can reinforce them with varnish.
origami hexagon puffy star tutorial paper kawaii 03
Origami Hexagonal Puffy Star Tutorial
December 26, 2017
A hexagonal origami puffy star. Can be hung as decorations or displayed as they are. These stars pop out from being a flat Tato or coaster.
origami triangle hexagon tato paper kawaii 04
Origami Triangle Hexagon Coaster - Tato Tutorial
November 9, 2017
A geometric origami hexagon coaster or Tato with a triangle on one side. You can open it to reveal the triangle, use it to give someone a note.
origami star of david tiles paper kawaii 02
Origami Star of David Hexagram Coaster / Tile / Tato
November 9, 2017
Make origami Star of David tiles that slot together or single coasters. These geometric hexagrams are made from a single sheet of paper.
origami white star tato paper kawaii 01
Origami "White Star" Tato Tutorial - Philip Chapman-Bell
September 8, 2017
Fold an origami star tato designed by Philip Chapman-Bell. This origami tato/coaster has a five point star on the front & opens to a pouch.
origami earrings tutorial paper kawaii 04
Origami Earrings Tutorial - Pinwheel Squares
June 28, 2017
Learn how to make some pretty origami earrings using origami pinwheel squares. They are easy and quick to make. Great as birthday gifts.
origami sonobe coaster tutorial paper kawaii 01
Modular Origami Coaster Tutorial - Sonobe Units
June 14, 2017
Make some cool origami coasters with modified sonobe units. You only need 4 units for this, it's easy and satisfying how they fit together.
origami lucky stars tutorial 03
5 Point Origami Star Coaster / Tato Tutorial
November 17, 2016
Learn how to make a pretty 5 pointed origami star coaster. This origami star is quite easy to make starting with 1 sheet of square paper.
Colourful Origami Tato / Pouch / Coin / Coaster!
Origami Octagonal Tato Coaster - Video & Diagram
July 17, 2016
Make an origami octagonal Tato to use as a coaster. This eight sided origami pouch is almost round, makes a great coaster for your desk.
hexagonal origami envelope tutorial paper kawaii 01
Origami Hexagonal Envelope / Pouch - Video Tutorial
November 29, 2014
Learn how to fold a sophisticated origami hexagonal envelope, watch the video tutorial or download the free PDF crease pattern.
origami pumpkin tato tutorial paper kawaii 03
Origami Pumpkin Tato Video Tutorial
October 24, 2014
Learn how to fold a nifty origami pumpkin tato (envelope) for Halloween. Easy to follow video tutorial, great for a card or decoration.

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