5 Point Origami Star Coaster / Tato Tutorial

5 Point Origami Star Coaster / Tato Tutorial via @paper_kawaii
5 Point Origami Star Coaster / Tato Tutorial via @paper_kawaii

Learn how to make a pretty 5 pointed origami star coaster or Tato. This origami star is pretty easy to make starting with 1 sheet of square paper.

This origami Tato looks like a star and makes a great coaster for your desk or a nice hanging decoration.

I’m not entirely sure what constitutes a “Tato” – I guess you could say it is not a Tato, as you cannot put money inside it like a purse.. in that case maybe it’s just a star.

To make this origami star, first you need a pentagon (which will be shown in the video).

On the underside of the star coaster is a little pentagon in the centre, so it may look nice that way up as well.

Design: © Paper Kawaii Copyright Information
Level: ★★★☆☆

You will need:

▸ 1 sheet of square paper. I used 17 x 17 cm
▸ Scissors (for the pentagon)

Final size: 10 x 10 cm

You can buy the pastel coloured origami paper I used in the video here.

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6 years ago

I just subscribed!I love origami and I love your vids!My friend celebrates hanukka and I dont have much,so I got her some cool holiday chocolate coins in one of your origami boxes!Everytime I want to do a craft,I go right to this website!

6 years ago

Cannot find any of your “free” templates. What am I missing?
[email protected]

6 years ago

Toujours aussi bluffée, Merci pour vos démos !

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