Over the years I created quite a lot of origami photo tutorials. Some are stills taken from video, others are photographed specifically as photo tutorials. Eventually more will be added as they become available.

Origami Animals:

Origami Boxes:

Origami Boats:

Origami Decorations:

Origami Bowls & Dishes:

Origami Envelopes:

Origami Flowers:

Origami Food:

Origami Hearts:

Origami Letterfolds:

Origami Stars:

Origami Tatos:

Origami Toys / Fun:

Origami Wallets / Bags:

Origami Napkin Folding:

Miscellaneous Origami:


  1. Hannah

    Hello There!

  2. jamie

    I LOVE THESE, they are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. sincere chan

    you have a very nice website and i love the free stuffs. all the tutorials are very well detailed. an the origami paper is filled with color(colour if your out side us).

  4. Yul

    Could you please give us more photo tutorials?

    • Edson Ford

      I agree ☝️

    • Alex

      I live in China where youtube is blocked, so it’s a hassle finding origami tutorials. More photo tutorials would certainly help πŸ˜€

      • Natalie

        YouTube is blocked in some countries!!!???

        • Wan


          • Natalie

            Whoa I didn’t know that!

    • amaris v rosado

      you should try the house ,and put the parer tree next to it ,and put on a plate ,like if it was a show and tell! i sold mines for a dollar . 😍😍😍

  5. Harley Quinn

    I think you should try to make and post an origami clover.

  6. Madeleine

    Hi Chrissy – I have been trying to make the 3D elephant you have, but I keep getting caught on section 8 where it tells us to pinch the diagonal. At one point I thought I had it figured out but then none of the other steps worked out really well. Is there any chance you might be able to make a video for this tutorial? I have been struggling with this one for about a week now! 😞

      • Madeleine

        Thank you so much!!

  7. anomynous

    i cant figure out step 14 in the inflatable star decoration.

    • anomynous

      nevermind. I get it now


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