Tutorial Category: Origami Decorations

Photo Frame Corners

Photo tutorial on how to make useful little triangle corners that can hold photos of any dimension in a row or by themselves.

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Learn how to make a traditional origami square model, place them together to make a pretty and unique piece of origami art you can display in a frame.

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Follow this simple step by step photo tutorial to learn how to make a traditional origami lantern decoration.

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Inflatable Star

Learn how to make a cool inflatable origami star! Step by step photo tutorial and a video is available.

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Bow Tie

Follow this step by step photo tutorial to learn how to make a simple origami bow tie. This cute bow is great to decorate many paper crafts.

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Bow / Ribbon

A cute origami bow to decorate your origami boxes. Easy to make from one strip of paper.

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Spinning Top Toy

Learn how to make a fun origami spinning top or ‘blow top’ toy. This modular origami toy is designed by Robert E Neale.

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Octahedron Box / Decoration

This cool origami decoration can also be used as a box! You can make this from a long rectangular shaped sheet of paper. Pretty easy to make it!

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Here you’ll find origami instructions, diagrams, photo & video tutorials.
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