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I really enjoy all of the work that goes into running a website such as this, as I really enjoy origami, however, keeping things going is not free or cheap.

The web hosting for Paper Kawaii is approx. $200 per month, the website is now very large, with thousands of images, posts and pages. Currently I am using Dreamhost’s 8GB VPS.

It takes a really long time to create content. Each step is time consuming, designing models, making a video tutorial, taking photos, editing the photos and videos, uploading the video, creating the posts on the website and on social media.

Currently I am focusing on purchasing a new computer, as better quality and more regular content is of everyone’s benefit. A new computer that is capable of exporting 4K videos, has a decent graphics card and large screen.

Update 2024 – I now have a new laptop and camera! Filming can now continue. Thank you to those who have purchased from my shop, and a few donations over the years. Very much appreciated.

Update 2021 (and still 2023) – I’m using the same laptop from before, which I bought back in 2013. It’s been a great laptop, an Apple Macbook Pro. I highly recommend them… but only with an i7. I would like to get a more powerful laptop, as this one is about to kick it, a higher spec one will cost around $4000 Australian dollars. Hopefully soon as I would like to start making videos in 4K.

If you are in a position that you can spare a few dollars or more, I would very much appreciate it. If you are a returning visitor or you follow my youtube channel or mailing list, you’ll know I took a year long break, one of the main reasons for that break was because I just couldn’t justify spending time working on Paper Kawaii.


Other ways you can help me to keep Paper Kawaii up and running:

XXX Chrissy

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Kawaii Origami – Super Cute Origami Projects for Easy Folding Fun

Grab a copy of my new origami book, with over 25 cute origami projects as well as a pack of 50 origami papers.

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You can find origami ebooks, diagrams and printable origami papers in my online shop, below you can see some of the most recent additions. Each diagram and ebook has an accompanying video tutorial.


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