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Mini Origami Pot Plants Tutorial - Make Cute Paper Houseplants
May 22, 2021
Learn how to make a mini origami pot plant with this step by step tutorial. Miniature origami houseplants make great desk decor & gifts.
origami succulent plant tutorial paper kawaii 04
Mini Origami Succulent Plants Tutorial
February 25, 2019
Learn how to make an origami succulent. Origami plants make perfect gifts, your friends will love them. No cutting or glue required.
origami ring tutorial paper kawaii 03
Origami Ring Tutorial - Hexagonal Gem
February 14, 2019
Make an easy origami ring using just paper. This origami ring is perfect gift for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, Mother's Day & birthdays.
valentines 3d heart diy paper kawaii 12
3D Paper Heart Tutorial & Free Template
February 11, 2019
These DIY 3d geometric paper hearts make great gifts or decorations, perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, weddings and more.
valentines heart box diy paper kawaii 08
Paper Heart Box Tutorial & Free Template
February 11, 2019
Make a pretty 3d paper heart gift box with a free printable template, great for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, parties or weddings.
origami lucky heart tutorial paper kawaii 02
Mini Origami Lucky Hearts Tutorial
February 4, 2019
Learn how to fold some cute origami lucky hearts. This mini origami heart is easy to make using a single strip of paper. No glue required.
easy paper bow tutorial paper kawaii 06
Make An Easy 3D Paper Bow Tutorial
December 23, 2018
Learn how to make an easy 3D paper bow. Decorate many different DIY craft or origami projects with this ribbon. Only takes a few minutes to make.
origami pinwheel flower bowl paper kawaii 03
Origami Flower Bowl - Pinwheel Design Tutorial
April 28, 2018
A pretty origami flower bowl or tulip with a pinwheel on the inside. Use as a bowl for sweets & snacks. Made from 1 sheet of square paper.
origami pinwheel flowers paper kawaii 01
Origami Pinwheel Flowers Tutorial
April 12, 2018
Learn how to make origami pinwheel flowers. There's 4 variations of this flower: pinwheel, closed, twisted & alternate coloured petals.
origami woven hearts tutorial paper kawaii 03
Origami Woven Paper Hearts Tutorial
February 5, 2018
Make some easy origami woven paper hearts. These cute origami hearts are easy to make with strips of paper. No glue required.
origami cactus with flower tutorial paper kawaii 05
Origami Cactus & Flower Tutorial
December 26, 2017
An origami cactus with a flower in a pot. These origami cacti are a great gift, they can sit happily on your desk and require NO water.
8 petal origami flower tutorial paper kawaii 01
Easy 8 Petal Origami Flower Tutorial
December 2, 2017
Make a traditional origami flower with 8 petals using 1 sheet of square paper. This easy origami flower is perfect to make a paper bouquet.
origami flower pot tutorial paper kawaii 01
Origami Flower Pot & Stem Holder Tutorial
December 1, 2017
Create an origami flower pot with flowers on stems, the stand can hold many flowers. Makes a great gift for a special someone.
origami gem box lid tutorial paper kawaii 02 opt
New Origami Gem Box & Lid Tutorial
November 26, 2017
Learn how to make a pretty origami gem box and lid. This intermediate diamond shaped origami box is perfect for giving jewellery gifts.
origami sakura star tutorial paper kawaii 02
Origami Sakura Star Tutorial - Designed by Ali Bahmani
July 19, 2017
Learn to fold an Origami Sakura Star designed by Ali Bahmani. This origami flower is made with 1 sheet of square paper made into a pentagon.
origami earrings tutorial paper kawaii 04
Origami Earrings Tutorial - Pinwheel Squares
June 28, 2017
Learn how to make some pretty origami earrings using origami pinwheel squares. They are easy and quick to make. Great as birthday gifts.
origami vase cover tutorial paper kawaii 04
Origami Vase Cover Tutorial - Accordion Origami
June 17, 2017
Change up your pots and vases - learn how to make an origami vase cover. These origami accordions are easy to make with 2 sheets of paper.
origami clover bookmark tutorial paper kawaii 04
Origami Clover Bookmark Tutorial from Hello Origami by Mizutama
June 7, 2017
Learn how to make a cute and useful origami clover bookmark. This origami clover is easy to make from 1 sheet of square paper.
origami cactus tutorial paper kawaii 01
Origami Cactus Tutorial
May 31, 2017
Make an Origami Cactus. These cacti are spine free & require no water. You can make little round ones & tall ones, or one with more levels.
origami pyramid ring holder tutorial paper kawaii white blue 2
Origami Pyramid Ring Stand Tutorial
May 18, 2017
An Origami Ring Stand. These tall origami pyramids (tetrahedrons) are great to display your rings, or for jewellery stores or market stalls.
Modular Origami Lotus Flower with 8 Petals - Tutorial
Modular Origami Lotus Flower with 8 Petals - Tutorial
April 5, 2017
This modular origami lotus flower has 8 petals, the leaves underneath are seperate, the flower sits on top. It's easy to make.
origami napkin rose 01
How To Fold A Beautiful Origami Napkin Rose
March 20, 2017
Learn how to turn a napkin into an origami rose. It's very easy to make this pretty origami napkin rose. It's great for parties & weddings.
origami dollar heart tutorial paper kawaii 01
Money Origami Heart Tutorial
February 11, 2017
Learn how to make some pretty origami hearts using dollar bills or rectangular paper. This money origami heart is very easy to make.
origami cute cat heart tutorial paper kawaii
Origami Cat Heart Tutorial - Origami Heart Pocket
February 10, 2017
How to make a cute origami heart pocket with a cat or dog holding it. A great way to send love notes, especially for Valentine's Day or anniversaries.

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