Make some easy origami woven paper hearts! These cute origami hearts are easy to make with strips of paper. No glue required! Perfect little gift for Valentine’s Day or any time of year!

I really like these little woven paper hearts, they are addicting to make.  Hope you enjoy the tutorial, let me know if you make any!

You can use just one colour, I used two to make it easier to see what’s happening. I can imagine these as earrings or a pendant, especially if you make them with plastic ribbon or maybe varnish them.

This is a traditional method of weaving. I’m not really sure this is actually classed as origami, but it could easily be.  I have seen them made with plastic straws, but I don’t use them. You could make them with anything really. Ribbon, plastic, fabric or paper.

Design: Traditional
Level: ★★☆☆☆

You will need:

▸ 2 strips of paper

Size used: 29.7 x 4 cm (cut from A4 paper)
The ratio is about 1:7

Other sizes you could use:
15 x 3 cm, 20 x 4 cm, 30 x 6 cm

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