Learn how to fold a beautiful hexagonal origami puffy star! These origami stars can be hung as decorations or displayed as they are. The neat thing about these stars is that the pop out from being a flat tato/coaster!

This is such an appealing shape to me, it’s a very nice object to hold in your hand!
This origami model pops out from a hexagonal tato, There are 2 versions, one is a simpler shape and the second has the extra layer.

I think this has a snowflake look to it, does anyone else think so?

You do not need glue for this, especially if you use stiff or textured paper. This model is created from a hexagon shaped sheet, which is then folded into 8 x 8 grid, it’s easier than it sounds.

Design: © Paper Kawaii Copyright Information – independently discovered, it has a similar look to a star by the talented Peter Keller. However, there is quite a big difference folding wise, the final star has different colouring on the front as well.
Level: ★★★☆☆

You will need:

▸ 1 sheet of square paper
▸ Scissors (to make a hexagon)

Paper size example: 17.5 x 17.5 cm
Final model size: 7 x 7 x 3 cm

It’s very easy to thread some ribbon before closing the star. The jewels I used in the photos at the start are actually glued on there.

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