This is a cool origami hexagonal envelope or pouch, it looks like its a ‘Tato’, however it’s folded from a square or rectangle.

Would make pretty invitation envelopes for a special event like a wedding or Christmas party! ♥︎

This is an unforgiving model, most of it is pre-creasing. If the creases are out of place, it may not fit together well.
Once you’ve folded a few, you won’t need the video anymore though, its very quick.

There a numerous ways to continue folding the center hexagon afterwards, make a flower or a spiral!

Level: ★★★★☆ (but you can do it!)
Design: Paper Kawaii


You will need:

1 piece of A4 paper or just printer paper, you could use square paper. Either way you will be cutting it to size during the tutorial.



Scissors or knife & cutting board

I have also made a crease pattern which you can print out:

Click here to view or right click and save as

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