Pikachu is my favourite character from Pokemon, a Japanese Anime or cartoon! Here you will find all of the paper crafts and origami Pikachus that I have added!

Origami Pikachu Video Tutorial (Advanced)


Learn how to make this advanced origami pikachu model by Kozasa Keiichi, video tutorial with diagrams to download.

Cute graphics from Deviantart!


Another selection of cute graphics from Deviantart, PNGs and 1 Photoshop brush

Pikachu Origami Cube – Cute Pokemon

Pokemon Pikachu Origami

How cute are these???

I don’t know who did all those tiny ones, but when I saw this, I wanted to figure out how they did it, its just the water bomb base, with one side unfolded.

2 Pikachu Origami Diagrams


Learn how to make these 2 adorable pikachu origami models, download the diagrams here.
Models by Kozasa Keiichi and Robert J. Lang.

Pokemon – Pikachu 3D Model Papercraft Template; Review & Download


This Cute Pokemon “Pikachu” Paper Model from squidoo.com is adorable!!! DOWNLOAD