Learn how to make a cute Origami Pikachu! This little three-dimensional origami pokemon is in a sitting position and will happily keep you company on your desk!

This origami pikachu has taken a long time for me to post. I couldn’t get the tail right for a while.  I hope you enjoy making this origami Pikachu!  Pikachu has always been my favourite pokemon.. I don’t play Pokemon Go at the moment but hope to soon! There are several Pikachu toys in my house and my 8 year old daughter has inherited the pokemon bug. ?

You may need a tiny bit of glue to close the model at the back. But if you don’t care about the back, then you won’t need any at all.

If you make one of these please tag me on Instagram (#paperkawaii). You can also leave me a comment and attach a photo! ?

Design: Paper Kawaii (Modification) – I remember folding a Pikachu by Ax Origami many years ago.  This one starts the same way, but the end is very different – that one is a flat Pikachu, this one is not.  You can find the original model here (somewhere..). Copyright Information
Level: ★★★☆☆

You will need:

  • 1 square sheet of paper (I used this paper) (and clearly you need yellow!).
  • Dab of glue (optional).

Used: 25 x 25 cm. Final size: 7 x 6 x 9 cm.

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